5 reasons why the event central team loves the fall

Fall is officially here – in case you missed the season’s grand announcement, just take a look around! While everyone else is getting excited for pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather and falling leaves, here at Event Central, we get excited for a whole different list of reasons.

Here are the top five things we are most looking forward to over these fall months. Take a look!

Cooler working conditions

Those warm, summer nights may make for a beautiful outdoor venue once everything is put together, but this also means hot and sweaty days spent setting up and tearing down tents. Our staff doesn’t mind the cool, fall breeze one bit! The early fall and late spring are great times to be working outside and we look forward to the cool break once October hits!

We get down and dirty – with tent cleaning

As we wrap up the busiest part of our tent rental season, we move into the oh-so-important tent washing and storage process that prepares our pristine, white tents for some winter hibernation. The industrial washers, powerful hoses and some impromptu slip-n-sliding (only kidding!) is what makes tent cleaning a fun change of pace from our normal daily tasks throughout the cooler months.

Creative event setups to keep guests warm and cozy

Summer tents are big, beautiful and open, but we are just as fond of the closed in and cozier tents that are designed to accommodate the fall months. Hanging walls around the tents requires some extra team work, but we love the finished product that turns any outdoor space into a custom and unique enclosure where guests can celebrate in comfort into the wee hours of the morning. Additionally, we love the impact a few well-placed heaters can have on a space!

Fall festivals and events

We love fall because this special season brings with it a whole bundle of festivals and community events! We love working with businesses and vendors to create a really unique event space that accommodates a crowd and showcase what they do. We also love the variation from weddings and graduation ceremonies which seem to dominate our spring and summer months. Plus, who doesn’t love being around all that festival food?

A break from the busy season

Finally, we love fall because it brings a much needed breath of fresh air from our busy summer months. We are finally able to regroup and organize a bit, instead of running around like crazy. Don’t get us wrong, we love the challenge of our busy season when everything is in high gear (and the fall is by no means a vacation), but it’s nice to also get your head a bit above water and enjoy the scenery of this special season!

What do you love most about the fall season (work-related or not)? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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