Manufacturers design great tents
Tent rental companies rely heavily on the manufacturer for technical data to properly install a tent.  No place is the manufacturer’s specification more important than when it comes to “anchoring” or staking the tent.  The anchoring is not only needed to hold tent in position on the nice sunny day of the installation, but also when there are severe thunder storms, high winds or tornado warnings.

Tent foreman are the hero’s of our business
When it comes to securing your tent correctly, the tent installer is where the rubber meets the road. Our industry is riddled with stories of tent blow downs, property damage, and personal injury where the installer did not know what they were doing. The tent foreman is the most important person on our crew. They make sure you have a safe and secure installation that looks great, and performs in inclement weather.

Anchor Century 60′ wide round end anchoring blueprint


Educating our key players
We invest a lot of time and effort into our tent installers’ training. In addition to weekly training modules, they get out to see what the rest of the industry is doing. To become a Senior Lead, a key installer will have attended several trade shows such as the Mid-Atlantic Tent Rental Association (MATRA) , IFAI Tent Rental Division, and the American Rental Association Tent Show (ARA). We commonly have manufacturer’s representatives come to our facility to provide tent standard practices. Finally, the senior installers become the trainers of the new blood. For a seasonal business with seasonal hires, this is a critical point.

Olympic Tent –  training by Spencer Etzel of SEC Group


Meet your installer
If you are having trouble deciding on a tent rental company,  tour their business to get an idea of how they truly function day in and day out. Meeting the players is an excellent way to learn who is capable of a professional installation. Our customer service staff is likely to introduce you to some of our key people when you visit the store.
For that matter,  many of our customer service staff worked their way up through the ranks to become Tent Foreman prior to crossing over into sales, so they understand what it will take to deliver rentals to meet your expectations.

You have concerns?
You should always know you can reach senior managmeent 24/7. Just dial our main phone number (717)591-7368, follow the prompts for an emergency call.


Scott Woodruff, Founder & President

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