Why Spring is an Awesome Time to Get Married

Whether you’re currently engaged and looking to set the date or you’re just beginning to dream about the wedding planning process, there’s a lot to consider! One of the biggest decisions you must make is when you’d like to get married. Not only will this forever be your anniversary date, it will also determine the typical weather you might expect and help you decide your colors and theme.

Summer and early fall weddings are always popular, but spring weddings have also been on the rise as couples realize some of the unique benefits of getting married during this season. Here are four reasons why spring is an awesome time of year to tie the knot!

It’s the perfect Time for New Beginnings

Spring is the season that is all about renewal and rebirth, as it is the time of year when light and dark are balanced. This time of year brings with it warmth and light that can lend its hand to rejuvenating your life and set the stage for a great new beginning with your loved one. Take a cue from the season and plan your wedding during a time of year when people will be already in the mood to celebrate your “new beginning” with you!

Beautiful Time of Year for an Outdoor Wedding

If you dream of having an outdoor wedding, spring is an ideal season to do so. Springtime offers warmer weather, budding flowers and longer days without the heat and humidity of summer. Your guests can comfortably enjoy nature’s beautiful scenery, adding to the ambiance of your big day.

Gardens and Flowers will be in Bloom

A spring wedding gives you a huge selection of seasonal flowers that will help keep costs lower than if you were planning a fall or winter wedding and trying to ship in these same flowers out-of-season. Also, the lush green grass and blooming trees will naturally enhance the look of your venue without you having to spend a dime! Finally, your outdoor photographs will be exceptionally stunning with a fresh, spring backdrop. There really is no other season that offers such exquisite gardens and flowers as springtime. 

You Beat the Wedding Rush

One of the biggest benefits to planning a spring wedding is that you can be at the forefront of prime wedding season. Your special day will set the bar for what other summer and fall weddings have to live up to. Also, your guests may be more likely able to attend your wedding since it’s not competing with all the other weddings, BBQ’s and graduation parties that are often planned during summer. Best of all, a spring wedding means you get to honeymoon early and beat the rush while not having to contend with crowds and increased rates during peak travel times.

Are you considering a spring wedding? What ideas or advice in this article did you find most helpful? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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