Many of us have sat through enough dull and lifeless corporate events to last us a lifetime. They’re the ones where people swing by for an obligatory hello before checking their watch and finding a good excuse to get out of there. It’s a shame that corporate events have gotten such a bad rap, especially because the people who plan them put a lot of time and effort into making them a fun and social occasion. It’s a time when people who are used to seeing each other in an office environment every day can finally cut loose and get to know each other beyond the job title.

So what causes corporate events to flop? While there are a lot of variables that can contribute to a good – or bad event, the venue is the best place to start. To make corporate events feel less “corporate,” you need to switch up the venue. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but we think a tent is the best place for every occasion! Here are five reasons why corporate events are more fun under a tent.

1. You break out of that “office” atmosphere

If you’re planning a celebration or even just a special meeting for your employees, you should give them a reason to get excited. This means treating them to time outside the office. While the convenient location of the conference room makes it easy for planning and setup, it is also located inconveniently close to your employees’ cubicles and the work that remains there. Help them break away from work-related stress and responsibilities by breaking them out of the office atmosphere altogether. A tent is the perfect retreat because it doesn’t mimic the 4 walls of the office, instead it takes you outside and away from anything that resembles “work.”

Best of all, you don't have to go far! A tent outside your office can still create an "escape" your employees will enjoy.
Best of all, you don’t have to go far! A tent outside your office can still create an “escape” your employees will enjoy.

2. Tents add an element of class and fun

Maybe it’s the Great Gatsby we should thank for making outdoor cocktail parties under white tents seem so chic and elegant. No matter how it originated, this is one trend that should live on! There’s just something about women in dresses and men in suits enjoying food and drink under the open summer sky that exudes class. From afar, a high-peak, white tent bustling with music and energy looks like a party everyone wants to attend.

While this tented venue is still set up for a corporate conference, look how much more fun this experience would be for your employees!
While this tented venue is still set up for a corporate conference, look how much more fun this experience would be for your employees!

3. There’s more space for more mingling

Unlike a stuffy conference room, a tent provides flexible space for guests to mingle in small groups and spread out as they wish. Guests can even overflow outside the tent into the lawn. This allows ultimate freedom for guests to choose the type of experience they wish to have. If they want to spend the night grooving away on the dance floor, they can or if they wish to have quiet conversations in a secluded space, a tent can also provide this.

4. It feels like a special occasion

For the same reasons why going out to a restaurant feels more special than eating in your own dining room, so does a celebration under a tent. You can spend a lot of time (and money) transforming a location within your office to feel special, but there will still be elements that feel just as they do during the work day. A tent provides the ultimate venue change because it takes you outside the confines of your office walls – and outside the confines of any walls!

Classroom style seating takes on a whole new look under the fun lights of this tent. There’s no risk of employees falling asleep during this meeting!

5. What isn’t more fun under a tent?

Maybe the most compelling reason of all is what isn’t more fun under a tent? Aside from special occasions, tents are also a part of family vacations, festivals, circuses and concerts. Tents are a symbol that something fun is taking place and they welcome you inside to join in. Tents are to adults what bounce houses are to children. If we see one, even from afar, we know there’s a celebration taking place and we want to be a part of it!

If you’re wondering what type of tent would best fit your special occasion, check out this guide. Or take a look at some of the other corporate events we have worked with.

What type of corporate events have you attended and how could they have been made more fun? Share your experiences and ideas below!

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