Whether you’re a bride, a friend of a bride or someone who is looking forward to getting married in the near or distant future, we’re going to let you in on one of the best pieces of wedding planning advice you could ever receive. Explore all your options! Just as you never settled during your search for true love, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything but the exact wedding details you want.

Options afford you complete control in the look and feel of your wedding. To those on the outside of the wedding planning process, details like the shade of blue you choose for your table linens may seem insignificant. While we won’t argue that they’re more important than remembering to book a minister, we will affirm that something as simple as tablecloths truly does have a profound impact on the overall look of your reception.

One of the biggest pitfalls of wedding planning is to believe that your options are limited to what one vendor has to offer. There are many, many wedding vendors in the Central Pennsylvania area alone, all with different strengths – and inventory. We advise every bride and groom to be specific with what they want and then we try our best to accommodate it, not vice versa.

Options will help you to create the dream wedding you've always envisioned!
Options will help you to create the dream wedding you’ve always envisioned!

When planning a wedding, options are a bride’s best friend for several reasons. Here are three reasons why you should explore all of your options and never settle for less than what you’re dreaming your wedding day to look like.

1. You will stay true to what you envision for your dream wedding

Maybe you’ve been planning your wedding for just a few months, or maybe you’ve been planning all your life, either way we understand that what you envision is what you want to see come to life. You don’t want to be told you have to choose a different style or chair or color of linen just because they’re out of stock. You only get to live this day once, so options help ensure you have everything exactly the way you want it.

2. You are more likely to stay on budget

If you can’t find exactly what you want with one vendor, they may try and upsell you on another rental item that is similar, but more expensive. Even changing one small detail could result in a difference of thousands of dollars when multiplied by a couple hundred guests. Shop around and explore all your options so that you’re getting what you want at the price you want.

3. You know you are working with the best event professionals around

Finally, when you explore all your options and talk with several wedding vendors, you can feel confident with whoever you choose to work with. You know you didn’t just settle for the first business to answer their phone. Be sure and listen to your gut, ask tough questions and don’t be afraid to speak up. True event professionals don’t shy away from special requests, instead they do everything they can to accommodate them!

Just in case you’re not sure exactly how many options you have at your finger tips, let us give you a brief rundown of some of the things we offer. For chairs, we have basic white and brown, padded white, black and natural wood, and chiavari in mahogany, silver, gold and black with either ivory, white or black pads. We have 10 different sizes and styles of tables. For tents, we carry frame (with three different window styles), pole, marquee and clearspan/structure.  When you’re ready to break out your dance moves, you can choose between parquet, white and New England plank flooring. And finally, we carry simply  too many colors and patterns of linens to mention here, but even if we don’t stock exactly what you want, we will find it and order it for you!

Here is just a snapshot of the huge variety of colors and patterns of linens we have in stock! Click the photo to browse our online inventory.
Here is just a snapshot of the huge variety of colors and patterns of linens we have in stock! Click the photo to browse our online inventory.

Explore all of the options we have to offer by browsing our online inventory. Just remember that options are one of the best tools you can have when planning your wedding. Take it one step at a time and remember to breath! And if you want even more tips, check out our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide.

How have options helped you to plan a spectacular wedding? Share your ideas by commenting below!

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