Weddings are as different as the couples who are planning them – and that’s one of the best parts! This means the sky is the limit when it comes to determining your wedding style. While this is inspiring, it can also be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we have a fool-proof way to point you in the right direction of your true wedding style and to help you start picking out the details that will create your big day.

To help you focus on the wedding style that truly embodies your personality, start by carefully thinking through each of these 8 questions. Think of it like a fun little quiz. Be sure and take notes so that you can visualize all of the elements that could be incorporated into your own unique wedding design!

What is your at-home decorating style?

Think about how you would describe the style in your home right now (or how you wish to decorate your “dream home”). Is this modern, traditional, eclectic, funky or retro? Do you prefer bright colors or earth tones? Is it comfortable or formal? These details are a great reflection of how you should also mirror your wedding style.

What is your ideal date night?

When you and your fiancé have a free night together, how do you spend it? Do you enjoy going out on the town for dinner, drinks and dancing? Do you prefer a movie at home with some takeout? Or do you like to travel for a mini getaway weekend? All of these possibilities will highlight your personality whether it be daring, outgoing, energetic, romantic or homebody. These are more key indicators of what your wedding style should include.

What is your favorite clothing accessory?

Next, think about what you like to wear. If there a single accessory like a piece of jewelry, style of shoe or shirt that you wear most often. How would you describe this item? Do you like it because it’s comfortable, stylish, sentimental or eye-catching? Think about how this accessory makes you feel when you wear it and mimic that feeling in your wedding details!

What color do you wear most often?

A big part of your wedding style will come down to the color palette you choose. Colors can make a wedding feel modern and fun or traditional and romantic – and everywhere in between! To decide upon your own color palette, think about the colors you are drawn to in daily life. What colors are your favorite clothes? What colors are your shoes and accessories? You will quickly see a theme emerge and this will help narrow down your best color options.

What wedding gowns have you pinned or favorited?

Now let’s talk about your Pinterest board. (If you don’t yet have one, check out ours for inspiration!) What wedding dresses have you picked out to be among your favorite? The style of these gowns are another great way to determine your wedding style. You want your wedding dress to fit with your entire wedding style, so if you’re drawn to a simple and casual wedding dress you want your ceremony and reception to reflect these same elements. In contrast, if you want to wear a ball gown or an all-lace dress with a long train, a more traditional wedding theme may be better suited to your tastes.

What music do you plan to play at your reception?

Every wedding has music of some sort incorporated into the day, whether this is a DJ, cover band or string quartette. What have you selected, or what would you select for your dream wedding? A rock and roll band will call for quite a different wedding style than classical music. Be sure and take your musical preferences into consideration when selecting your wedding style.

What’s your dream menu for your reception?

Food is another great way to test out your personal style! What have you selected to serve at your wedding reception? Some couples opt for a fun and casual backyard BBQ while others enjoy an elegant 4-course, white-glove meal. Again, your menu should be a reflection of your overall theme and complement the venue. If you’re drawn to a specific style of food, this is a great place to start when determining your wedding style.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Finally, where do you plan to honeymoon (or if undecided, what is your dream destination)? For some couples, they may like a sporty and interactive vacation. For others, ultimate luxury is the goal. The style of your honeymoon is a great way to determine your personal style and the style that you should try and incorporate into your wedding details.

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