It’s the week of Thanksgiving which is always an exciting kickoff to the holiday season!

Because we live and breathe celebrations each and every day, we wanted to be sure we took a moment to fully celebrate Thanksgiving by reflecting on some of the things we are most thankful for in 2014.

While we could certainly go on and on with adding countless items to this list (and that’s a good problem to have!), here are our top 5 gifts of gratitude this year:

  1. Amazing clients

It may be the most obvious, but also the most important thing we are grateful to have. Our clients inspire us to work hard, dream big and think outside the box. We love seeing their reaction when we help them bring their vision to life for a very special day. We’re thankful for our amazing clients, not just because they keep us in business, but because they make us want to be in this business!

  1. Our talented team

Next, we are thankful for our talented team of professionals who collaborate their skills to make some awesome events happen even amidst challenges. After spending so many years together, we’ve formed close relationships with one another that extend far beyond work. Simply put, we’re a tight-knit family that makes coming to work (even during those long hours throughout our busy season) dare we say even a little bit fun!

  1. Another year added to our experience and expertise

Each one of the thousands of events we serviced this year helped us to improve our efficiencies and get a little better at what we do. Sure there were a few bumps along the way, but with each one we overcame we gained preparation for how to better handle (or avoid) that bump next time. We found new ways to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver quality results. And most importantly, we listened to feedback so we can always do a better job than the time before.

  1. Advancements in the event rental industry

Every year brings a ton of new advancements in both products and techniques. We’re grateful that 2014 has continued to provide us with some innovative tools  that make our lives a whole lot easier! Though it’s been around before this year, Tent OX™ helped us out greatly with our 2014 tent installations and saved us back-breaking labor like stake driving and pulling. Here’s an example of just how much more efficient the Tent OX™ is at pushing up tent poles. Yeah, we’re grateful to no longer have to do that with sheer manpower – and so are our customers!

  1. The opportunity to continue doing what we love!

Finally, we are grateful to have had one more year doing what we love for customers we care about. It’s a simple thing to be thankful for, but really it’s one of the biggest things worth celebrating. We enjoyed 12 months, 4 seasons and thousands of events together. We overcame obstacles, improved our processes and expressed our creativity all over the course of this year. Now that’s a reason to stop and give thanks!

What are you most thankful for this year? Join in the gratitude by commenting below!

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