wedding couple at the winter day

Winter weddings in Pennsylvania can be cold and snowy, but they can also be magical, romantic and cozy. It all comes down to the little details. The good news is you can easily incorporate some bright and cheery elements that can help to add real heat, or just “warm up the space.”

So take a look at our best advice for planning a winter event that will keep your guests warm and toasty!

Add heat…literally

The most obvious and essential way to create a warm and toasty winter wedding is to quite literally add heat to your venue! Standing heaters are a must-have for any cold-weather wedding that wants to keep guests comfortable and possibly make use of a semi-outdoor space.

For example, if you’re planning to have guests enjoy cocktail hour on a patio, even if it’s closed in, consider renting a few heaters. This will ensure the space is warm and welcoming. Guests won’t mind lingering here a while longer while you take your photos and prepare for the main reception.

Stick to a “warm” menu

When creating your wedding menu, think about including your favorite winter treats that will also help to keep guests warm. Serve hot totties or spiced cider as your signature cocktail, have small cups of soup as an appetizer and include a hot cocoa bar at the end of the night. Sipping on warm food and drink is a great way to keep guests warm from head to toe!

Make it casual and encourage guests to dress warm

Formal attire often calls for ladies to wear short or sleeveless dresses. Even the best wrap won’t provide as much heat and comfort as a casual dress code! Consider implementing a “stylish casual” dress code for your wedding reception that allows your guests to add layers while still looking stylish.

Add elements of fire

Fire will definitely add heat to the space, but this doesn’t mean you need a full-blown bonfire to create the look and feel of warmth. Think about decorating with candles instead of flowers to add a soft glow to your tables that makes guests feel like they’re dining in a romantic lodge.

Decorate with lights

In addition to elements of fire, consider decorating with lights, too! Lights can be a safer way to add a warm glow to your centerpieces, light fixtures and other surroundings without having to worry about someone knocking over real fire or hot wax. Christmas string lights can be found almost everywhere this time of year. Pinterest will inspire you with countless ways to use them to liven up your wedding venue (check out our Pinterest page here).

Whether you’re planning or simply planning to attend a winter wedding this season, share some ways you will stay warm and toasty!

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