During their Spring 2008 Commencement, Susquehanna University tried a granite3new layut using  “Signature Performance Staging System” which is manufactured by Granite Industries.   Event Central is a dealer for the sale of Granite products, as well as having a Rental Inventory of over 500 pieces of Stage, signatureRailing, Stairs, Etc. for the hundreds of different configurations for which the stage can be used.  Susquehanna University is one of 5 large university stage jobs we set up each year.

Susquehanna University Stage and Ramp finishing touches
Susquehanna University Stage and Ramp prior to completion

The school was looking to meet certain functional objectives with this new system:

  1. Raise the elevation to 40″ finished height for improved sight lines
  2. Step up the appearance to the audience
  3. Quick attach clips to receive Stage Skirting
  4. 2 sets adjustable steps with railings both sides which can be used at different heights for smaller events
  5. the installation of an ADA ramp with a drop rate of 4″ over 4 ‘  and the appropriate railing with engineered mounts so an individual in a wheelchair can grab both side rails and self propel  up the ramp
  6. Transition angled pieces for the 3″ high stage pieces at the bottom and top of the ramp
  7. Handrail for main deck  due to height
  8. Meet ADA standards

Susquehanna University has been a regular client of Event Central since 1998.  Services provided include rentals for Commencement, Sports Events, Fund Raisers and Benefit drives.  They are located just over an hour from our store. Following the successful rental in 2008, Susquehanna decided to purchase the complete stage in spring 2009 because of its flexible application.  EC provided one technician to train their staff per the Manufacturer’s provided drawings.


Granite Industries supports the sale with detailed drawings of all the component parts.  They can also design/build custom applications where the requirements are set forth by engineered drawings.  This would include applications such as loading unusually heavy machinery or live loads driven by electric motors.

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