Unique Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Party

Asking someone to be a part of your wedding as a bridesmaid or groomsmen is a big deal! These will be the people who stand beside you on the most important day of your life, not to mention the many hours they’ll devote to helping you plan your celebration. When it comes to honoring this special friendship with a wedding party gift, you want to be sure to give them something unique and meaningful. Take a look at a couple of our favorite ideas for giving a gift they will absolutely cherish!

Spa Day or Fun Day

What better way to show how much you appreciate these special people than by giving them the gift of quality time together? Purchase gift cards for an activity that you can do with your bridesmaids or groomsmen. For the ladies, a spa package or manicures and pedicures are a perfect choice. For the guys, a golfing package or even a day riding go carts can be an adventure that will make for some great memories. This fun-filled day is definitely a think outside the box idea when it comes to gifting your wedding party.

Photo Memories

This type of gift is sure to be a keepsake for your wedding party. Go through old photographs of you and each special person, and pick out one or even a dozen great memories. Once you have your photos, use an online service to make a photo album and complete it with special captions to recall specific details that you remember. Your bridesmaid and groomsmen will love the thoughtfulness of this gift and cherish the album forever.

Personalize It!

If you still want to take a more traditional approach when it comes to your gift giving, a great way to step it up a notch is to personalize it. For your bridesmaids, engrave a piece of jewelry with your nicknames or an inside joke. For groomsmen, you can engrave a flask or cuff links for a gift that is as unique as it is useful. This option is a great hybrid between staying traditional, but making it different from anything else they have.

Have you been part of a bridal party and received an extremely thoughtful gift from the bride or groom? Share your story by commenting below!

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