Unique Bride and Groom Gift Exchange Ideas

So you are marrying your soulmate, the date is set and everything is planned. You just have one more special touch that you must decide on. Traditionally, that is the gifts exchanged between the bride and the groom.

Don’t be pressured into believing that you have to spend a lot of money to give a thoughtful gift! What really makes a gift memorable and unique is the thought and love behind the idea. Yes, what we’re really saying is that it’s the thought that counts. If you have a wedding right around the corner, here are some unique bride and groom exchange ideas to keep in mind.

Engraving A Sparkly Something

A little bit of sparkle can go a long way on your wedding day! When choosing a classic idea such as jewelry for your bride or groom, you definitely want to put some extra thought behind your gift so that it doesn’t feel obvious or obligatory.

If you are choosing an accessory that your bride can wear on your wedding day, don’t be afraid to ask your future mother in law or your bride’s MOH for their input. They know her style and may even have an heirloom piece that can be repurposed. Next, take the extra step to make it specific to your wedding day. Consider engraving your gift with a message or even the date to add a memorable marking that will forever remind you of this day.

Hidden Messages and Love Notes

Another timeless and classic gift that can be made unique without breaking the bank is a  handwritten love note. But don’t limit yourself to just paper! Secretly take your fiancé’s shoes and write a message on the bottom such as a poem. For your groom, take his tie and stitch your wedding date and initials on the back. That day, when they’re getting ready, they will be moved by your thoughtfulness and creativity. Plus, you will have it to cherish for years to come!

Surprise Element On Your Big Day

If you really want to blow your bride or groom away with a wedding day gift, think about a surprise element you can add to the celebration. If you have the budget for it, secretly book your bride or groom’s favorite musician to surprise your special person with a live version of your wedding song. These standout surprise gifts will not only wow your bride or groom, but also allow your guests to join in on the surprise and fun.

Little Gifts Throughout the Day

When you think about marrying the love of your life, it’s probably the little things that first come to mind as to why you want to spend forever with them. So, instead of getting your fiancé one big gift, scatter several little gifts and surprises throughout the day that show him or her you went the extra mile. Remember, the idea behind a gift for your bride or groom on your wedding day is to make them feel appreciated and loved. So long as you put genuine thought into your gift, you can’t go wrong!

Are you planning to exchange gifts with your bride or groom on your wedding day? Share why or why not by commenting below!


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