Top 4 Reasons to Market Your Event

If you’re planning a corporate, nonprofit or fundraising event, it’s smart to also think through your marketing strategy to ensure you’re doing all you can to adequately build attendance and maximize your profits (if it’s a paid event).

However, so often this is an overlooked step! Here’s why we can’t stress enough the benefits of properly marketing your special events. Take a look at these four reasons why…

Build attendance

The benefit of getting more people to attend you event is that it makes all your efforts worth even more! There are some costs, such as venue, decorations and entertainment that do not change no matter how many people attend. The more people that come to your event, the more these costs are spread out over your total headcount. And we can’t overlook the other major benefit of increased attendance which is a bigger crowd to really make the event a good time!

Grow profits

One of the greatest benefits to marketing your event is the opportunity to grow your profits for your business or organization. This is obvious if you charge for the event, but even if it’s free, you increase the chance people will patronize your business in the future. Keep in mind the goal of your event is to maximize its potential and generate profits without wasting valuable time and resources on planning the event. The more profits you get out of it, the more your efforts are justified.

Increase awareness for the purpose of the event

The more details you include on your marketing materials for the event the better! If people know why you’re hosting this event, they’re more likely to come or support it in some way. Be sure to let your audience know your purpose for hosting your event, as well as your overall mission statement, to help grow attendance as well as your brand.

Get your name out there!

As you promote your event through paid advertising and marketing such as billboards, radio announcements and mailed invitations, you are helping to build awareness in the community for your brand and what you do. Even if people can’t attend your event, you will benefit from getting your name out there. Additionally, guests who do attend your event will help promote your event, as well as your brand, to their family and friends.

What strategies have you used to successful market your event and grow your attendees? Share your ideas by commenting below!

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