Tips for Keeping Guests Comfortable at a Winter Event

Tips for Keeping Guests Comfortable at a Winter Event

Winter weather can create breathtaking and romantic backdrops for your wedding or special event, but it can also create some challenges when it comes to keeping your guests warm and comfortable. Dresses and high heels don’t mix well with sleet and snow, which is why we want to offer you some event planning advice for how to keep your guests feeling cozy at your winter wedding or event. Take a look!

Provide the comforts of home

Think about what makes you feel warm and comfortable at home. Likely it’s an open fire and some blankets. You can incorporate both of these items into your ceremony and reception. Offer guests blankets or mittens if they will be outside for any amount of time. Once inside, greet them with a real fireplace to cozy up to. If a real fire isn’t safe or feasible with your setup, a faux fireplace or a flat screen TV set to “fireplace” mode can be a fun alternative.

Select a “warm” menu

Think carefully about your appetizers and main course. Offer guests hot options! Soup is great way to instantly warm up. Don’t forget about your drinks. Offer hot chocolate or a specialty hot cocktail like spiced cider. A final way to add heat you your menu is with spices. The right blend of spices can add a kick of heat without going overboard.

Use décor to make your event space feel warm

You can make your event space “feel” warmer by using the right type of décor. Candles and soft yellow lighting mimic the feel of fire and can instantly make us feel warmer just being in that environment. You can also use thick linens or linens with texture to provide the look of warmth to your space.

Bring in actual heat!

What better to make your guests feel warm than real heat? Consider renting space heaters or heat lamps for your venue. If your event is taking place under a tent, we highly recommend using a portable tent heater which will make any outdoor winter event feel as warm as a log cabin with a fire-burning stove!

Are you planning a winter wedding or special event? Which piece of advice is your favorite for keeping guests comfortable? Share your ideas by commenting below.

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  1. I like the recommendation to make everything feel warm, from the food menu to the actual temperature. it makes sense that winter feels cold, even if the temperature isn’t that low. I’ll have to keep this in mind when looking at different aspects of the event because warm lighting and hot foods could be a great way to keep people warm and cheerful.

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