Graduation season is upon us! In the coming weeks, colleges and universities all across the globe will launch many new graduates into the world. Commencement ceremonies are events worth celebrating that also bring the need for creating a special event space to accommodate the audience of family and friends. But where will a college find enough chairs, tables and tents – and set them up for a large-scale event?

This is when working with a rental company can add great value to your event planning team. Here are four ways in which an event expert saves universities both time and money when planning their graduation ceremonies.

1. You are guaranteed to look professional

Setting up 5,000+ chairs for a graduation ceremony demands not only inventory and manpower, but it also requires a great deal of organization and attention to detail. Little things, like making sure every chair is aligned in a straight row, have a large impact on the overall look of the setup and reflect on the professionalism of the college or university as a whole.

If the unexpected should happen, like rain, mud or anything else Mother Nature has in store, working with an event expert ensures that you will have a backup plan. A quick reconfiguration of the site or incorporating tents and heating will keep your guests comfortable on a moment’s notice.

graduation commencement ceremony chairs
Setting up a graduation ceremony site like this takes an expert’s eye and attention to detail.

2. You don’t have to worry about finding space to store your inventory

Even when neatly stacked and stored away, thousands of chairs still take up a lot of room! Not many colleges and universities have the space to dedicate to furniture storage that they only use several times each year. Event experts manage this inventory and find the space it takes to store everything until you need it again.

And as your needs change from year to year, so can your site setup. Rather than having to go out and buy another hundred chairs for a single event, you can simply increase your order. It’s the expert’s job to rework the design to make it all fit.

3. We handle the cleaning and repairs

Purchasing and storing the inventory are only some of the expenses to consider. Additionally there is the continual need for cleaning and repairs to keep everything looking its best. An event expert will manage all of this for you.

It takes a lot of manpower to wipe down thousands of chairs before and after every event and even more to repair any damages to the inventory. In the days surrounding a special event, this is a time consuming task that can be an overwhelming addition to your to-do list. The value of working with an event expert and rental company is that the cleaning and repairs are on us. Your event is guaranteed to have pristine rentals without any additional sweat equity on your end.

college graduation ceremony site with brown chairs
Imagine having to clean and repair all of these chairs after use! An event rental company takes this off your to-do list.

4. We keep your people doing what they do best – while we do the same!

Simply put, an expert is going to work very efficiently in their respective field. Just as you are well trained to do your daily job, so are event experts. Here’s just one example of how quickly the Event Central team can transport and setup inventory for a graduation ceremony.

Using a forklift, a full trailer can be unloaded by two people within 45 minutes. Within 90 minutes, 6,000 chairs on 30 skids are transported from our parking lot to the commencement site.  Depending on the complexity of the site, our material handling system reduces the man hours required from the time of arrival until the chairs are completely setup by 30-40% while minimizing the number of times a chair is handled to ensure a longer life for our inventory.  We even have a specialty forklift that allows us to carry the pallets of chairs across the sand-based grass soccer field without damage to the turf, protecting your property as well.

For a college or university to replicate this same quality of work, it would take substantially more time and manpower that could be better used elsewhere. Without the proper equipment and training, the risk of injury also increases. The value of working with an event expert is the savings of both time and money and the professional image they help create for your special event.

When planning a special event, would you outsource the work to an event rental specialist? Share why or why not by commenting below!

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