Close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding day. What do you see, smell and hear around you? What is the one emotion that captures the essence of this special day? This is what you want to keep top of mind when selecting the many details that make up this memory of a lifetime.

One of the most important details that will impact the overall feel of your wedding is your venue. More and more brides are venturing into the great outdoors by selecting unique spaces that allow them to custom-create their day. But this complete creative freedom brings many variables to consider.

While it may feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be! Having helped thousands of brides successfully create outdoor wedding spaces, this infographic summarizes our expert advice for helping you do the same. And as a bonus – we’ve included a few of the most commonly overlooked details that can make or break the day.

Power It Up

Lights, fans, DJ equipment and ways to cook your food and keep it warm all require electricity. How will your outside space supply this for your vendors? This is a key question that many brides don’t consider until the last minute. You can either pull your power from a nearby source, like a house, or rent a generator.

Bathroom Talk

If you’re turning an open field into a wedding venue, you don’t want to overlook the less than glamorous, but very necessary need for bathrooms. The idea of portable bathrooms may make you cringe, but don’t worry, there are more options than ever for classy and comfortable facilities that won’t have your guests feeling like construction workers.

A Blank Slate….For Better or For Worse

The thought of having complete creative control over your wedding day may sound appealing, but once you get into decision making you may realize that it’s utterly overwhelming. In addition to the expected decisions like table linens and bridesmaids’ gowns, an outdoor wedding means you must also decide on styles of tents, dance floors, chairs, tables, lighting and much more. Know your personal limits and keep in mind that outdoor wedding planning is not for the indecisive.

Park It Right There

Where will your guests park? This is not a question you want to be answering the morning of your wedding. If you’re planning to have your wedding in a field or on a farm, you need to plan for parking in advance. Consider whether there is a nearby park or paved public area for cars. You don’t want your guests driving through soft grass, parking on the side of a busy road of walking long distances to get the final destination.

Loud and Legal

Even in wide, open spaces, noise still travels. If your venue is near other homes or public areas, you will want to check on noise ordinances and make your DJ aware well in advance. Many townships will place limits on how much noise can be made after a certain hour which can really put a damper on that late night dance party you envisioned.

Oh That Mother Nature!

Mother Nature has been known to deliver quite a few “wedding presents” of her own and they are not always the most thoughtful. When planning an outdoor wedding, you must have a plan B and C. If it rains, can your tent accommodate the ceremony too? Do you have tent walls to hang if the wind and weather should interfere? Talk with your event rental company to make sure you are prepared for every weather possibility.

Are you considering planning an outdoor wedding? Share your questions by commenting below!

event central outdoor wedding infographic

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