That’s right! It’s officially spring and we’re happy that the weather is finally starting to act like it. This also means we have a ton of spring weddings to look forward to. Whether you’re planning one or simply attending one, there is plenty of beautiful inspiration this season to get you excited.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 trends we expect to see take off for spring 2015 – and some ideas for how you can incorporate them into your own special events this season.

  1. A Bohemian Feel

The Bohemian style is expected to make a comeback this season – with a new and modern twist. Decorations, décor, flowers and attire will take a cue from Mother Nature and incorporate elements of wild flowers and earth tones. Bridesmaids’ dresses will be light and flowy, even a bit ethereal. We are most excited to see some brides get bold and creative with this trend and use flower headpieces to complement or to replace the traditional bouquet.

  1. Pastels

We can’t talk about the trends for the season without talking about the color palette! Overall, the colors are bright, but they are not bold and overpowering. Rather, we see many more pastels than in past seasons. Blues, greens and grays make up the cool tones while pinks, peaches and light yellows bring in the warmth. Normally, one or two of a season’s hottest colors will blend well together, but for spring 2015, we can envision using nearly every color in unison! This is great news for the bride who is having trouble narrowing down her color choices. Follow the cue of this season’s colors and subtly incorporate them all!

A look at the hottest spring colors for 2015 (Photo via Pinterest)
A look at the hottest spring colors for 2015 (Photo via Pinterest)
  1. Going Green

Another nod to the Bohemian style is the trend to go green with your centerpieces and décor. What this really means is to look for opportunities to use items from nature, upcycle used items or create something that can be used again and again.

Some example we’ve seen include using smooth stones as escort cards, making centerpieces out of potted plants and allowing guests to take them home or recycling old items like newspaper or brown paper bags and making them a part of your table setting (many more ideas can be found on Pinterest). Not only is this great for the environment, it’s great for your wedding budget as well!

  1. Favors Made to Devour

If you’ve been to any number of weddings, you’ve likely left with a trinket or two for which you have absolutely no use. Instead of giving your guests clutter, give them something they can enjoy right now (or a little later if they have self-control) by making your favors edible! Everyone loves a good treat and best of all, once they’re enjoyed, they’re gone.

Some ideas for the season include mini donuts, candy jars, homemade cookies, local honey or jams and freshly baked breads. Sounds delicious right? We bet your guests will think so too! You can still make these items personal by adding your names and wedding date to the packaging. In the end, your guests will be grateful for something that is more enjoyable and less hard to get rid of after the joy of your wedding day has passed!

  1. A Blushing Bride

Yes, we know that a bride’s dress is usually white. For some seasons, we’ve seen slight variations ranging from bright white to ivory, but for spring 2015 we predict to see a lot more “blushing brides.” Blush, or a very soft pink tone, is the perfect color to incorporate into your spring wedding alongside the other popular pastels we are seeing. Some examples of dresses range from the slightest hint of pink that is barely detectable to a more definite hue that turns heads. If you’re looking for a modern twist on the traditional white wedding dress, consider a blush tone. It’s unique, yes, while still maintaining a romantic and elegant look.

  1. Hand Written Invitations and Stationary

We have more modern technology than ever so it’s quite ironic that we are now using it to create something that looks very handmade. What we are seeing for spring 2015 weddings is invitations and stationary that are designed to look hand written.

Guests will love that at first glance, their invitation appears to have been carefully hand-crafted with the stroke of a pen. Best of all, you can even pick a font that looks very similar to your own handwriting! Then, you can carry this theme from your invitations over to your wedding stationary including your ceremony programs, escort cards, dinner menus and thank you notes so that everything is consistent and also looks vintage and handmade.

  1. A Hint of Sparkle and Shine

The final theme we predict to really take off for spring 2015 is a bit unexpected. We think of sparkle and shine for a New Year’s wedding, but not so much for the soft and delicate tones of a spring wedding. This year will change all that! We predict brides will choose to add some sparkle and shine to complement their light pastel color palettes.

The key is to only use a touch of this bold decoration. A sparkly overlay for your table linens, charger plates, ribbon, accents in your flower arrangements or a word or two highlighted on your wedding invitations is all you need. We love that the reflective sparkles will reflect the soft tones and accent the ambiance of candle lighting from your ceremony all the way through dinner and dancing!

What trend do you like best? Share your opinion by commenting below!

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