We are just a few short weeks away from the official start of summer and the big wedding buzz is all about the trends we can expect to see this season. What are the innovative ideas? What are the popular colors? How can we make 2015 summer weddings unlike any year before?

Luckily for our brides, creative wedding professionals have been hard at work since before the New Year dreaming up possibilities. While there are many to choose from, here is a list of our 7 most favorite ideas for this year’s summer weddings.

Greenery trumps floral centerpieces

Wedding flowers are a big part of the décor as well as the budget. This year, we’re seeing more and more ideas that replace traditional centerpieces and bouquets with natural greens. This is cost-effective, creative and beautiful. Brides can opt for mini potted shrubs or canisters of real grass to add a fresh pop of color to their tables. The wedding party can also enjoy a more natural look in their bouquets and boutonnieres by using seasonal grasses, leaves and plant trimmings.

Table décor is not limited to the table

Oversized and overpowering centerpieces that obstruct guests from mingling over dinner is a thing of the past. This season, we’re seeing brides get creative by taking their table centerpieces to the next level – literally. Hanging centerpieces are all the rave! Flowers, lights, vines and beads can be hung from the ceiling of your venue or tent at just the right height to serve as a focus at the table. Best of all, it allows more space on the tables for plates, utensils and guests’ personal items.

Unique plates and flatware

Next up on our “watch list” for Summer 2015 trends is the use of non-traditional plates and flatware. We’ve all used the standard silver spoons, forks knives and off-white plates. In fact, we may have a hard time recalling them because they are that unmemorable. It’s time to change all that this season! Summer brides are paying attention to their choices of plates and flatware, inserting unique designs and pops of color into this décor. Better yet, not every table setting has to be the same! Mix and match pieces for an eclectic and antique look. Or depending upon your menu, use items like chopsticks to really make the meal and fun experience.

Unexpected color combos

The colorful inspiration this season is not the obvious or expected. We love that some of the suggestions are combinations we would to traditionally put together – like purple and yellow or coral and peach. Yet, as an entire color scheme they work together flawlessly! Often brides feel limited to a single color, or two if they’re feeling bold. This season we say choose three or four….or more! So long as they complement each other, the more variety you have, the more interesting and less monotone your décor will look.

top wedding colors for 2015

Back to the basics

This summer we expect to see many more brides and grooms going back to the basics of an intimate and informal wedding. Guest lists will be smaller and limited to close relationships and the wedding and reception will consist of fewer, but more meaningful decorations and details. We’re excited for this trend that will encourage couples to really keep the day about their celebration of love and avoid getting wrapped up in too many details that simply aren’t needed. Getting back to the basics is a welcome change!

Edison Bulbs

Outdoor summer weddings just got even more fun and romantic with the addition of Edison bulbs as part of their décor. These large lights can be hung inside a tent, among tree branches or draped over the dance floor. No matter where they are placed, they are sure to create a bright atmosphere and bring a smile to guests’ faces.

Craft beer and local eats

Finally, we’re excited for the summer trend that will incorporate more local treats into the reception menus. Craft breweries are on the rise and there’s a good chance there’s one or two just miles from your reception. Treat your guests to a taste of the town by featuring some of these local drink selections instead of the big (and often bland) brands we’re used to. Additionally, consider featuring seasonal and local ingredients as part of the cocktail reception or dinner menu. Farm-to-table is a growing movement that is not only sustainable, but shows appreciation for the local farms and small businesses who are right down the road!

What other wedding trends do you predict to be big this summer? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


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