Who wouldn’t love a backdrop of a mountain full of changing leaves as the venue for their wedding? But with those beautiful changing colors comes some changing weather and temperatures that can make planning an outdoor fall wedding unpredictable and risky.

But with risks comes rewards! Some key event rental items and a little planning ahead can help you seamlessly pull off an outdoor wedding even during the cooler months. Plus, if you luck out with the weather you might just get one of those gorgeous, blue sky, sunny days, with no humidity and cool breeze. Yes, please!

Let’s take a look at six essential dos and don’ts for planning an outdoor fall wedding!

Do consult with an event professional

Event professionals have helped to plan hundreds if not thousands of different events. We have a level of expertise that can be very valuable for planning an outdoor wedding, especially in the fall. Always take advantage of the opportunity to consult with an event professional on what items you need, don’t need and might want to put on hold just in case of bad weather. Speaking of which…

Don’t ignore the chance for bad weather

Unfortunately the beauty of fall also brings cooler weather, rainy days and unpredictable gusts of wind. Prepare for the worst case scenario by having a plan B, C and maybe even D. If you will be celebrating under a tent, be sure and talk with your event professionals about tentatively reserving tent walls and heaters to keep guests cool and try. You may not end up needing them, but you will be grateful for the backup plan if Mother Nature should send any surprises!

outdoor wedding pumpkin decorations

Do add a taste of harvest to your menu

Fall is the perfect time to really “spice” things up with your reception menu – pumpkin spice, that is! Look to the season for inspiration for your taste buds. Incorporate pumpkin, squash, corn, apples and other in-season produce into your dinner and dessert. This is a subtle but classy way to execute a “harvest” theme without all the cornstalks and hayrides.

wedding carved pumpkin

Don’t overlook the season’s most simple and beautiful decorations

Falling leaves may seem annoying as they mean more raking, but take a closer look and the color and beauty they provide. Fall leaves are a creative an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding venue, bouquets and centerpieces. You can even turn them into escort cards! Aside from leaves, the season’s flowers, gourds, pumpkins and mums are also stunning accessories. For all the inspiration you could need, just check out Pinterest.

rustic homemade accessories for wedding

Do incorporate rustic and homemade details

One of the hottest fall wedding trends this season is to incorporate rustic and handmade harvest decorations into your wedding décor. We just talked about using leaves, pumpkins and other outdoor elements, but don’t forget about rustic materials, patterns and textures that also complement the harvest theme. Table linens are a prime area to let loose your creativity. Use burlap, flannel and other seasonal fabrics to add a handmade touch to your table runners or centerpieces beyond your rented linens.

rustic table linens

Don’t let guests get cold!

Finally – and most importantly – don’t let your guests get uncomfortable in the cooler autumn air. Many women will still choose to wear sleeveless or short dresses which can be a bit chilly once the sun goes down. Rent heaters for your tent or set up a bonfire with blankets for a fun and cozy ending to the evening!

Try this 80.000-BTU-heater to keep things warm and toasty!
Try this 80.000-BTU-heater to keep things warm and toasty!

Are you planning an outdoor fall wedding? Share what you have found to be most helpful so far!

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