The Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Spring Wedding

Whether your spring wedding is right around the corner, or years away, there are some key do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind when planning your big day. The spring season offers unique benefits, but also brings unique challenges, too. Here’s our best advice for planning a beautiful and stress-free wedding in the springtime. Take a look!

Do Pick Seasonal Florals and Food

Embrace the bounties of the season by using flowers that are in season. Not only will the blooms be full and bright, it will also save you money over out-of-season florals that need to be imported just for your big day. The same goes for food. By incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables into your menu, you will benefit from prime taste with minimal cost. Apricots, asparagus and sweet peas are just a few of the many options that are in season in spring.

Don’t Count on Warm Weather

Spring is the start of warm weather, but that doesn’t mean a cold and rainy day could catch you off guard and really put damper on your dream of an outdoor spring wedding. Especially here in Pennsylvania, we commonly get snow in March and sometimes into April. If you have your heart set on saying “I do” outside in the spring, be sure to have a Plan B in case Mother Nature should not cooperate.

Do Be Mindful of Spring Holidays

Easter and Passover are two major holidays that take place in spring and can impact your wedding date selection. Planning a wedding over a holiday weekend will cause your guests to choose between the two occasions. It will also drive up the cost of venues, hotel rooms, flowers and vendors who have more than enough business during these times. Make sure to look ahead to the calendar and take note of when these holidays fall.

Don’t Limit Your Colors to Pastels

Yes, spring weddings are well known for their pastel color palettes, however, dare to think outside the box. It’s perfectly okay to use some vibrant and bold hues, should you wish to do so. Also, earth tones provide a welcome balance to brighter colors. What we’re really saying is there is no need to limit your colors based upon the season of your wedding. If you really love a certain color, go for it! It’s your big day, after all.

Do Incorporate a Theme

Just because you’re having a spring wedding, this doesn’t mean that your theme has to be “spring.” You can definitely theme your wedding with anything else that reflects your passions or hobbies. Do you enjoy the outdoors, the beach or a certain sporting event? Or maybe you share a love for a foreign country or city? All of these themes can be beautifully incorporated into spring wedding with a little thought and creativity. Plus it will make your big day that much more memorable!

Are you dreaming of a spring wedding? What piece of advice did you find to be most useful? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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