The Best Wedding Trends from 2014

As we come to a close on 2014 and look forward to all the new and exciting things the New Year will bring, we should take one final look at some of the best wedding trends we’ve seen over the past 12 months.

From reverting back to more traditional details to incorporating completely modern or D.I.Y elements, these top 10 trends recap exactly what made so many of the weddings in 2014 uniquely beautiful. Here is a list of what we found to be most inspiring…

Out of the box wedding venues

Our 2014 brides and grooms were drawn to non-traditional wedding venues like industrial spaces, breweries and outdoor locations. Selecting a unique venue, different from the more traditional reception halls and ballrooms, helped insert the couples’ personalities into their big day. Best of all, these spaces provided limitless opportunities to customize every last detail from ceremony seating to dance floor location.

Small and intimate ceremonies

Leading up to 2014, the trend was to throw the biggest wedding possible with extended family and friends. After all, who wouldn’t want a huge celebration for such a special occasion? But this year we saw a change in this mindset. Brides and grooms moved toward small and intimate ceremonies that also allowed their budget to stretch a lot further.

This outdoor wedding ceremony on the water is intimate and romantic.
This outdoor wedding ceremony on the water is intimate and romantic.

Timeless & elegant attire

For brides, 2014 brought the return of backless dresses or backless illusions that were detailed with lace. Wedding dresses were sleek and body-hugging as opposed to the full skirted, princess style from years past. For grooms, tailored tuxes were the perfect complement to this look. We also saw some colored suits and tuxedos down the aisle this year as opposed to the standard black.

Charitable giving

As an alternative to the wedding favor, brides and grooms opted to donate that section of their wedding budget to a charity that is near and dear to their hearts. Guests didn’t seem to mind not having yet one more knickknack to take home and were honored by the gift for a good cause.

Personal wedding hashtags

As hashtags continue to take over social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, our 2014 couples were excited to take ownership of their own personal hashtag on their wedding day. At their receptions, signs and cards let guests know to use this hashtag when sharing their photos. What a great way to see your wedding through your guests’ eyes!

Mismatched wedding party

The most traditional and obvious way to outfit your wedding party dress is with matching dresses and suits. In 2014, we saw more and more couples move in a different direction where they allowed their bridesmaids and groomsmen to select from a family of colors or select a style of dress or suit that best fit their body shape and personal style. This is a great way to add some visual interest to your wedding party and let them get an outfit they’ll actually want to wear again in the future!

A modern take on the guest book

In 2014, brides and grooms tossed out the traditional (and boring) guest book and let guests get a little more creative with leaving a personal message for the couple. One popular idea was to have each person leave a thumb print on a cavas to form a tree, flower or some other design. The end result was a special piece of art worthy to be framed and hung!

Hands-on D.I.Y. approach

In addition to just the guest book, our 2014 couples got down and dirty with their wedding planning by taking on many do-it-yourself projects to save money and make the day a bit more personal. Details including arranging their own flowers, hand crafting the escort card holders and using some carpentry skills to make a ceremony arch resulted into Pinterest-worthy creations that will surely continue to inspire us into 2015.

Unique seating arrangements

Another area where brides and grooms dared to go against traditional expectations was with seating arrangements both at the ceremony and at the reception. Wavy aisles created a fun and memorable walk for brides to share with their fathers. And guests got a kick out of the seating arrangements that dared to be square…or rectangular…or something even more creative than that! Friends and family don’t always come in groups of 6, 8 or 10. Alternative seating arrangements allow you to group as many people together as you wish.

Outdoor chandeliers

The final and most romantic trend from 2014 just might have been the breathtaking chandeliers we saw hanging from tents, trees and porches at various outdoor venues. After the sun has gone down, these lighting features  completely transformed the look and feel of the reception and made guests feel like they were spending the evening in an enchanted garden.

What have been your favorite wedding and special event trends from 2014? Share by commenting below!

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