With 2016 wedding season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what these wonderful events will look like this year. Similar to what we have seen the past few years, there is a continued emphasis on recreating old romance and princess royal weddings. Also for Spring 2016, we see a renewed focus on showcasing a bride and grooms personality through unique, DIY touches.

Couples really want their guests walking away with a better sense of who they are – and we couldn’t be more excited about these trends! Take a look at our breakdown of the best Spring wedding trends we can expect to see in the coming months.


Expect to see lots of shimmer and shine at Spring 2016 weddings. Sparkle is definitely in season! Metallic colors are also really popular choices for this season, which is a welcome switch up to the more common pastels we often think of when we think Spring.

How do you keep shimmery, shiny, metallic materials looks fun and fresh for Spring? Incorporate this style into your fabric and linens so that the colors and still kept looking soft. Also, think industrial. Incorporate metal in your selection of chairs, chandeliers and centerpieces. Combined with other, lighter elements, these bold touches will help to create an eclectic, but modern look.

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest


A fun, fashion-forward trend that we expect to see used particularly in wedding flowers this season is an ombre effect. Yes, like the hair color trend! This can be accomplished in your floral setting by choosing three or four different, but similar shades of flower colors and arranging them together from darkest to lightest. The gradual shift in color is sure to capture your guests’ attention and impress them with such a delicate but artistic look.

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

Bridal Gowns

This season’s trend in bridal gowns can be summarized as “timeless with a twist.” Stylists are pointing brides to traditional styles that are classically romantic yet still feature a modern detail or two that make it anything but your grandmother’s wedding dress!

One trend is to add dimension and body to a gown by adding layers and combining several different materials.  Also, in exchange for big, showy details, wedding dresses are now opting for more subtle details that value quality over quantity. Intricate beading, satin buttons and lace accents make this season’s dresses something to marvel at up close and personal!


Capturing your big day on film is not the first detail couples tend to think about, but it’s the one they continue to revisit and appreciate the longest. You can never have enough images to reminisce about your special day, so why not let your guests get in on the fun as well?

One of the biggest trends for the season is one that carries over from last year and that is encouraging guests to capture in-the-moment shots on their phones and share on social media using a signature wedding hashtag. Also, photo booths remain highly popular with many couples opting to create their own. In addition to your professional portraits, these candid photos will help you to relive your wedding through the eyes of your family and friends. 

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

Are you planning a Spring 2016 Wedding? Share your favorite trends or any questions you might have by commenting below!

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