The Best DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life! There are so many choices to make, from the style of your wedding to your color scheme. And don’t forget about that wedding budget! Do-it-yourself (or DIY) details are a great way to save on your wedding budget and to add a creative touch. Take a look at our top tips for incorporating DIY elements in your big day.

Save The Date Cards and Invitations

One of the first DIY elements you can add to your wedding day is creating your own save the date cards and wedding invitations. This is really one of the first elements your guests experience from your wedding, so it sets the tone for the type of event that will follow.

Personalize your save the date cards with photos from your engagement session. Didn’t do a formal engagement photo shoot? No worries! Pick some of your favorite photos you’ve taken throughout your relationships. For invitations, purchase your own stationary and card stock from a specialty craft store and print your invites yourself. If you have a friend who is talented in graphic design, they can create a template that will look custom and creative. Otherwise, keep it simple. Choose a font you love and allow the color and texture of your papers to steal the show.


A great way to make your DIY elements to really stand out on your wedding day is to create one of a kind signs to decorate your venue. A DIY welcome sign at the entrance will make guests feel invited into the celebration and show off your creative handiwork. Handmade signs also serve the functional purpose of communicating important information, but in a stylish way.  Use them to direct where you want guests to sit at your ceremony, where they can find food and refreshments or even answer the all-important questions of “where’s the bathroom?” To keep the consistency throughout your décor, you can also make DIY name cards!


DIY Centerpieces are becoming a more and more popular choice at wedding receptions, especially if a couple wishes to save money on flowers. This is another great way to showcase your creative talents and think outside the box of traditional table arrangements.

There are countless unique ideas when it comes to creating your reception centerpieces. You can choose between various styles of vases, candles and faux flowers.  Get a little more creative by adding framed photographs, souvenirs from your relationship or items that fit your wedding theme (i.e. seashells for beach, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day or ornaments for Christmas). The sky is truly the limit and you can completely design the concept to fit your vision and budget.

Photo Booths

Having a photo booth at your wedding for guests to take their own candid photos is a growing trend and we can see why! How fun is it for a bride and groom to get to see their big day through the eyes of their loved ones? The photo booth can capture special memories not taken by your wedding photographer.

So how do you pull off a DIY photo booth? First, consider the backdrop. Purchase a fun, printed material and hang it where you want guests to take their photos. Next, make props and signs that guests can use to liven up their photos and let their personalities shine! Think: faux mustaches, a sign with your wedding hashtag and fuzzy boas.

Finally, ask (or hire) a friend to man the booth for the evening, taking each person’s photo on a digital camera. A tripod for the camera makes taking a perfect photo each time as easy as clicking a button, so really anyone can do it! After the big day, enjoy browsing through each photo and reliving the memories through the eyes of your guests.

Are you planning a wedding and looking for ways in which to incorporate DIY details? Ask us a question or offer us your favorite wedding DIY ideas by commenting below!


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