If you’re planning a fall wedding or event and really want to bring the season to life – get creative with your colors! This is one of the best times of the year to really get inspired by the bold and beautiful color palettes in nature.

From deep, rich reds and purples to light and festive blues and greens, fall has so much inspiration we couldn’t pick just one color palette as our favorite. Instead, we narrowed down our top choices to seven pairings that we think you will absolutely love as well! Get inspired by this variety of tones that are sure to make your fall wedding or event stand out from all the rest.

Shades of Lavender


There’s nothing quite as royal as a mix of purple tones in your wedding color palette. This season, we suggest focusing on the always-stunning and quite versatile lavender shade of purple. Blend three or more different hues, some darker and some lighter, to create contrast within your single color palette. Using different tones within the same color family will make your event look cohesive and pulled together though still visually interesting.

Brown, Gray and Navy

brown gray and navy

The fall tones we see in nature are deep, rich and earthy. That’s what makes this particular color palette so fitting for the season. Combine brown, gray and navy for a rustic and masculine look. Then use these colors on elements that are more feminine, such as flowers and linens, for a contrast that catches the eye and “marries” two wonderfully different styles.

Emerald and Ivory

emerald and ivory

Green is not just for spring! One of our favorite jewel tones, emerald, makes a beautifully rich anchor to a fall wedding color palette. This can certainly overpower and “darken” an event if it’s not balanced with something lighter which is why we suggest pairing it with a crisp and clean shade of ivory. Best of all, the ivory will really make the green “pop” in contrast.

Peach and Muted Green

peach and green

Here we see another use of green in the fall and this time it’s paired with a “dusty” peach tone. Orange and green can be done in so many different ways and for so many different seasons, but for fall we recommend staying earthy and natural. Steer clear of vibrant tones that are better suited for spring and summer events. Instead, go for muted shades of peach and light green that complement the fading and changing colors of the fall season.

Burnt Orange and Light Blue

orange and light blue

A color palette of orange and blue is often reserved for the spring and summer months, but it would be a mistake to not customize this combo for the fall as well. Here we suggest using a burnt orange and a light blue to create a palette that is uniquely designed for the season. What makes the duo so perfect together is that they are opposite on the color wheel and they both appear countless ways in nature during the autumn months.

Merlot, Brown and Blue

merlot brown and blue

Craving another option for using blue in your fall wedding color palette? Try this one on for size! Here we recommend combining a rich merlot with the contrast of an earthy brown and dusty blue. It’s not often we see these colors paired together, which is why we love the unique approach! Specifically for fall, the deep merlot speaks to the color of the changing leaves and bonfires, brown speaks to the color of the earth and blue reminds us of the fresh fall air and clear sky. When we see this color palette, we can’t help by ask “Why isn’t this done more often?”

Blue, Ivory and Gold

blue ivory and gold

If you weren’t convinced that blue is part of the perfect fall color palette, here’s one more example of how we recommend using the hue. Combine blue with ivory and gold for a look that feels clean, modern and just the right hint of rich. For an afternoon ceremony, stick with these tones. If you’re planning an evening celebration and want to kick things up a notch, add in navy and some glitter to your gold for a deeper and darker palette that transitions perfectly into the night.

Ready to take the next step with your color palette? Browse our online inventory for all the ways you can bring these colors to life for your next event. Or talk to one of our event experts for advice on the right rentals to help you achieve your dream wedding!

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