WGAL forecasts record temps for the next 3 days
WGAL forecasts record temps for the next 3 days

Let’s face it, July can get hot!
It’s not very often that temperatures are forecasted to be triple digits. Joe Calhoun, Meteorologist for WGAL, reported this morning a potential forecast reaching highs of 96 for Friday, and teetering on 100 degrees for the weekend.  With the hundreds of outdoor events occurring every weekend in Central Pennsylvania,  people’s thoughts turn toward keeping comfortable in spite of the immense heat. The first step is to keep an eye on the forecast, and heed the advice of the National Weather Service. Second is to look into some of the options that are available to provide shade and shelter from the intense sun. Your Party Rental Store is one of the best sources of information on Tents, Outdoor Fans and Air Conditioning products available.


Tips for keeping cool outdoors in July

Just how often do the temperatures approach 100 degrees
Calhoun explains just how often do the temperatures  approached 100 degrees

The first step toward making a outdoor setting comfortable is to find yourself some shade.  Taking advantage of any large trees, and setting up on grassy surfaces is key to staying cool.  Locating you or your family on blacktop can increase the temperatures from 10 to 20 degrees at 5 feet above the surface.

Your local rental store can provide you with a large selection of tents and shade canopies.  We stock over 25 All Purpose Canopies which can be picked up on short notice in a small sedan or SUV. Most All-Purpose Canopies will take around 1 hour to setup, when following our detailed instructions as provided. In just a matter of 60 minutes, you and your guests can go from blistering under the sun’s rays to relaxing under a breezy canopy in the comfort of your own backyard!

Event Central has dozens of fans in stock.  The largest we stock is the 36″ barrel fan which can be transported in a pickup truck or SUV. The smaller tent fan is outfitted with a mounting bracket that makes it easy to install on any reasonably sized pole or tent leg.  Both style fans use household current, 110v.  The goal is to get air flowing to simulate a steady breeze and provide a desirable cooling effect.  An added advantage is that flowing air will drive mosquitoes away, because they strongly dislike the constant flow of air. Fans are subject to availability and can be booked on short notice with a quick phone call.

Air conditioned tents requires advanced planning.  The components that make up air conditioning include a fully enclosed tent with walls and doors, air conditioning units, towable generators, and power distribution.  Event Central will provide the design, layout and installation of the AC system that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors with all the benefits that climate control brings to the table.


12" Tent Fan with pole mounting bracket
12 inch Tent Fan with pole mounting bracket
36 inch barrel fan
36 inch Barrel Fan















Instant Shade - APC tent can be installed in less than 1 hour
Instant Shade – APC tent can be installed in less than 1 hour


Air Conditioned July event at Metal Stamping Factory
Air Conditioned – July event at Metal Stamping Factory

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  1. I’m getting things ready for my son’s wedding. I didn’t even think about the weather! It’s probably going to be very hot. I’ll see if I can rent a fan! Thanks for sharing.

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