Cornwall Inn Makes it Easy to Plan your Wedding

When I was looking for a way to introduce Cornwall Inn,   I stumbled across this review:

This wedding season, Cornwall will be upgrading and up-sizing to the heavier duty 20 x p101030160 Ft Twin Tube Tent with walls, special lighting and decorating.  In a given season, Cornwall can do upwards to 20 weddings.  EC’s tent is the base size for most events, and as needed additional tenting is ordered one week at a time up to 60 x 70 Ft.

Cornwall has found it easier to offer a menu of services to a bride which might include the Rooms, …

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B & B’s and Golf Course’s Expand their capacity with Semi-Permanent Structures Installed for Summer

20mx30m-7Interior view of Structure - Wedding

The Extruded Aluminum Box Beam Structure is the most substantial fabric structure available for tenting .  They are well suited for high-end corporate events such as Olympic Venues and Pro Golf  Tour sites which require large clear spans.  They also have their place in seasonal long term installations at B&B’s and Golf Clubs.

Bed and Breakfast’s lend themselves to this type of tenting if they are hosting weddings frequently and want to avoid the wear and tear to the property by rental tents being installed week after week.  From a guest standpoint, B&B’s are …

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