7 Ways to Cut Costs in Your Wedding Budget

7 Awesome Ways to Cut Costs in Your Wedding Budget

Wedding planning in general can be a stressful and emotional experience. If you’re also working with a shoestring wedding budget, this stress is multiplied as you try and reconcile your “dream wedding” with the reality that you simply cannot afford to do it all. But have no fear, there are a ton of creative ways you can reduce your wedding expenses without sacrificing your entire wish it. It just takes some compromise…and some help from family and friends!

Learn from these 7 tips on how to cut costs – but still maximize style and fun – when planning your special …

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How to Determine an Appropriate Wedding Budget

UntitledThat’s right. It’s time to tackle the dreaded issue of planning out your wedding budget! This is often a bride or groom’s least favorite topic because it means having to get real with the expenses of your wedding and look at the hard figures that will surely impact your finances for the first years of your lives together as a married couple. This makes this a topic all the more important to talk about early and often!

Your parents, wedding planner and vendors will all want to know more about your budget as well to help keep you on track …

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