How to Throw Your Best Birthday Party Yet


For most adults, when we think about a birthday party, we think childhood memories. But who’s to say you need to give up having a great birthday party once you enter adulthood? In our opinion, the older you get is all the more reason to celebrate! Take a look at our best tips for throwing an awesome birthday party at any age.


Think of your guest list and what themes might get them most excited to come celebrate. A black and white affair, Gatsby-inspired, or even a backyard Hawaiian Luau are great ideas for an adult looking to host …

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Ideas for Honoring Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Ideas for Honoring Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is a happy and exciting time in your life. However, during these moments we are often reminded of our loved ones who are no longer with us and can’t be a part of our special day.

There are many creative ways to incorporate a “nod” to friends and family members who have passed as a way to honor their memory and celebrate the role they have played in your life. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.


Displaying photographs of your loved ones who are no longer with you, but still in …

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How to Throw a Successful Launch Party

How to Throw a Successful Launch Party

Whether you are a new startup company or an established company who wants to market a fresh brand, a successful launch party is one great way to promote your new business or product and reach your target audience.

Ready to plan a party that will have people spreading the word about your business? Take a look at these four key elements for throwing a successful launch party.

Location, Location, Location

The first step to planning a successful launch party is to carefully choose your location. The venue of your event sets the tone for your launch and needs to reflect …

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Why Spring is An Awesome Time to Get Married

Why Spring is an Awesome Time to Get Married

Whether you’re currently engaged and looking to set the date or you’re just beginning to dream about the wedding planning process, there’s a lot to consider! One of the biggest decisions you must make is when you’d like to get married. Not only will this forever be your anniversary date, it will also determine the typical weather you might expect and help you decide your colors and theme.

Summer and early fall weddings are always popular, but spring weddings have also been on the rise as couples realize some of the unique benefits of getting married during this season. Here …

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Quirky Wedding Ideas: The Dos and Don’ts

Quirky Wedding Ideas

Every bride wants her special day to be unique and special.  The best way to accomplish this when planning your own wedding is to include ideas that fit your personal style and taste – not just what everyone else is doing!

But when stepping outside the box, it’s important to still keep the focus on the purpose of the big day – your wedding – and not let crazy or quirky decorations and décor steal the show. Take a look at these important dos and don’ts when it comes to planning a creative and customized wedding!

DO balance unique

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