What Tent Should You Use for Your Special Occasion?

Tents are a symbol of celebration. When you see a tent, you know something fun is about to take place. From weddings and community events to commencement ceremonies and corporate functions, a tent is a sure sign that good food and entertainment will follow!

Just as there are various occasions that call for a tent, there are various types of tents that serve different needs. But how do you know which one to choose? It’s most important to consider the specific event. How many guests must you accommodate? What look and feel are you trying to achieve? And what will …

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Trend Alert: The Hottest New Rentals You’ll Want for Your Next Event

When it comes to putting on a big event, trends affect a lot more than just what the guests will be wearing. In fact, trends can affect everything from the style of the tent, arrangement of the tables and colors of the chairs – not to mention the design of the linens! What they also affect is the new inventory we’re bringing into our warehouse during any given season.

Whether it’s for a wedding, graduation ceremony, corporate event or family celebration, there are new trends constantly emerging that impact the most popular colors and styles of event rentals. And in …

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6 Things You Might Not Know About Event Central

There are some pretty obvious facts about Event Central that anyone can gather from our website. You can browse our current inventory, see the types of events we have done and get answers to your essential event planning questions. Aside from this expected information are a ton of unexpected fun facts that have helped to shape who we are as a company. You won’t find these hidden within the pages of our website, so we’re giving you the inside scoop right here!

Here are six things you might not know about Event Central that have helped to make us more …

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The Value of an Expert: How Event Central Saves Universities Time and Money

Graduation season is upon us! In the coming weeks, colleges and universities all across the globe will launch many new graduates into the world. Commencement ceremonies are events worth celebrating that also bring the need for creating a special event space to accommodate the audience of family and friends. But where will a college find enough chairs, tables and tents – and set them up for a large-scale event?

This is when working with a rental company can add great value to your event planning team. Here are four ways in which an event expert saves universities both time and …

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Gettysburg College Graduation Setup and Other Photography by Doug Phillips



Gettysburg College commencement chair setup in May 2008 was heavy rain for all 6 hours giving the 14 of us the incentive to work through lunch.  You see, if you stop when you are wet, your body stops producing he warmth to keep you comfortable, and warmth is produced by shivering, making it hard to recover. 


This year, to our delight we had a wonderfully sunny 74 degree day.  While grabbing lunch we sat up on the top of the steps at Pennsylvania Hall a gent with a floppy hat and camera came up the steps and was snapping shots …

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