5 Things You Need to Know About Planning a Graduation Party

5 Things You Need to Know About Planning a Graduation Party

Graduation, whether it be from high school, college, or anything else, is an exciting milestone in our lives. It’s a special time when graduates commemorate the friendships made, honor their achievements, and prepare for their future.

Throwing a graduation party is the perfect way to celebrate this great accomplishment. While the graduation itself is a big milestone, the celebration doesn’t need to be a big (or stressful) ordeal to plan, especially if you follow these five pieces of advice!

Weekends fill up quickly! Invite guests well in advance

One of the first steps you should take when planning your graduation …

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Why Spring is An Awesome Time to Get Married

Why Spring is an Awesome Time to Get Married

Whether you’re currently engaged and looking to set the date or you’re just beginning to dream about the wedding planning process, there’s a lot to consider! One of the biggest decisions you must make is when you’d like to get married. Not only will this forever be your anniversary date, it will also determine the typical weather you might expect and help you decide your colors and theme.

Summer and early fall weddings are always popular, but spring weddings have also been on the rise as couples realize some of the unique benefits of getting married during this season. Here …

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7 Ways to Cut Costs in Your Wedding Budget

7 Awesome Ways to Cut Costs in Your Wedding Budget

Wedding planning in general can be a stressful and emotional experience. If you’re also working with a shoestring wedding budget, this stress is multiplied as you try and reconcile your “dream wedding” with the reality that you simply cannot afford to do it all. But have no fear, there are a ton of creative ways you can reduce your wedding expenses without sacrificing your entire wish it. It just takes some compromise…and some help from family and friends!

Learn from these 7 tips on how to cut costs – but still maximize style and fun – when planning your special …

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Quirky Wedding Ideas: The Dos and Don’ts

Quirky Wedding Ideas

Every bride wants her special day to be unique and special.  The best way to accomplish this when planning your own wedding is to include ideas that fit your personal style and taste – not just what everyone else is doing!

But when stepping outside the box, it’s important to still keep the focus on the purpose of the big day – your wedding – and not let crazy or quirky decorations and décor steal the show. Take a look at these important dos and don’ts when it comes to planning a creative and customized wedding!

DO balance unique

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How to Make Your Black and White Wedding Still Feel Vibrant

How to Make Your Black and White Wedding Still Feel Vibrant

When planning your special day, one of the first details to choose is your color scheme. This can sometimes be an overwhelming decision. One simple and elegant choice is to have a black and white wedding!  If you decide to embrace this classic and timeless color theme, here are some ways to still make sure your big day looks and feels vibrant.

Add a hint of one more color to your décor

A great way to add that extra pizazz to your black and white wedding, is to add in a pop of one additional color to complement the black …

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