How to Incorporate Leisure Activities into a Business Event

Businessman dressed in suit and shorts working with laptop on the sunbed at the beachBusiness events can be awkward and boring, leaving guests waiting for the right opportunity to high tail it out of there. But with a little thought and creativity, you can add elements of fun to your next networking mixer, employee training workshop or company seminar that makes it a memorable experience that people look forward to attending again. Take a look at a few ways you can up the “fun factor” at your next business event!


Games are a great way to engage your audience and help break the ice. One popular option is to have a raffle with …

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Corporate Events: Plan a Special Occasion Worth Celebrating!

When people think of events or special occasions, they think about personal celebrations like weddings, birthday parties or holiday gatherings with friends and family. Corporate events are usually forgotten because, so often they feel like….work.

We’re here to tell you that your corporate or business-related functions can be just as fun and festive as any other special occasion if you pay attention to a few key details that will make it an event your employees will look forward to attending. Let’s take a look at our expert tips for planning a corporate occasion worth celebrating!

Get people excited

Whether it’s …

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