How to Throw Your Best Birthday Party Yet


For most adults, when we think about a birthday party, we think childhood memories. But who’s to say you need to give up having a great birthday party once you enter adulthood? In our opinion, the older you get is all the more reason to celebrate! Take a look at our best tips for throwing an awesome birthday party at any age.


Think of your guest list and what themes might get them most excited to come celebrate. A black and white affair, Gatsby-inspired, or even a backyard Hawaiian Luau are great ideas for an adult looking to host …

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Fun Food Trends to Try at Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing and serving food at your wedding, current trends say there are no rules! The sky is the limit for what you can incorporate and the experience you can create for your guests.

Let’s take a look at 8 unique trends that will get you inspired to try something outside the box. Any of these ideas will certainly give you that “wow” factor…and keep guests’ tummies very happy!

Food Trucks

Replicate a fun and festive carnival atmosphere at your wedding by incorporating food trucks into your menu. Yes, food trucks! Picture the excitement of your guests …

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