Looking for a different Restaurant Experience in York?

“Hole in the wall” restaurant

About a year ago I had heard of this restaurant, but never got a chance to try it.  Finally last spring, I was looking for something different, and remembered hearing several years ago of an inner city York  “Hole in the Wall” restaurant which was supposed to be renowned for their food, and located near one of the Farmer’s Market.



Google “Restaurant York  PA” The search triggered a few more synapses to fire and eventually placed me on their phone number. It ended up to be Blue Moon Restaurant. We called to be sure …

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Michele Engle’s Event to raise 20K for Leukemia

April 19’th update

Good news!   The event was a great success.  Look back for another post with pictures and a recap of the event’s accomplishments!

Below is the Pre-event post.  STW

Recently Michele Engle decided to step up the fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma, by joining their Annual fundraiser “Man & Woman of the Year”.  Michele’s goal is to raise $20,000  in her competition against area business people. Michele is the Account Executive  for the Central Penn Business Journal where EC does some advertising.

Like any fundraiser, you have to spend money to make money.  engleMichele had been to …

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