How to Plan a Ribbon Cutting or Groundbreaking Ceremony

Several hundred people were present to witness the ground breakingThis corporate event was to celebrate the ground breaking of the West Shore Hospital – Photo Credit, Sentinal

Hosting an official ribbon cutting or groundbreaking ceremony is a great way to showcase your new business. Not only is this a big milestone, it’s also a reason to bring in friends, supporters and the media to draw attention to your exciting endeavor.

Planning a successful celebration requires thinking ahead, paying attention to details and having a solid backup plan. Luckily this is all very do-able with just a hint of helpful advice to get you started!

Here’s a look at our …

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Why Corporate Events are More Fun Under a Tent!

Many of us have sat through enough dull and lifeless corporate events to last us a lifetime. They’re the ones where people swing by for an obligatory hello before checking their watch and finding a good excuse to get out of there. It’s a shame that corporate events have gotten such a bad rap, especially because the people who plan them put a lot of time and effort into making them a fun and social occasion. It’s a time when people who are used to seeing each other in an office environment every day can finally cut loose and get …

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