5 Non-Wedding Occasions That Still Deserve Celebration!

5 Non-Wedding Occasions That Still Deserve Celebration!

A special event doesn’t need to be a black tie affair or wedding to give us an occasion to get together and have some fun. Throughout the year, we all celebrate in countless different ways, but so often we forget that these small and simple events can also benefit from a professional’s touch.

Take a look at how a little creativity combined with a few rental items can take your next special occasion to a whole new level!

Birthday parties

Birthdays are an annual celebration we each look forward to, but some are worthy of a particularly special celebration, especially …

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How to Determine an Appropriate Wedding Budget

UntitledThat’s right. It’s time to tackle the dreaded issue of planning out your wedding budget! This is often a bride or groom’s least favorite topic because it means having to get real with the expenses of your wedding and look at the hard figures that will surely impact your finances for the first years of your lives together as a married couple. This makes this a topic all the more important to talk about early and often!

Your parents, wedding planner and vendors will all want to know more about your budget as well to help keep you on track …

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Longstanding Wedding Planning Advice – That’s Passed the Test of Time!

timeless wedding planning advice

When you share the exciting news of your engagement with family and friends, it’s natural for them for also want to lend you a piece or two of advice to help you plan your dream day. Even the most well-meaning “must do” tips can be stressful, overwhelming or come across rude. Moreover, how do you take all of this advice (especially pieces that contradict one another) and boil it down to something you can actually use?

Don’t fret! Out of all the wedding advice we hear (and give) on a regular basis, there are some pieces that rise to …

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Wedding Etiquette: Advice on Tough and Tricky Situations

Weddings tend to be very emotional occasions and these emotions can sometimes cause tension, stress and hurt feelings if certain situations are not handled appropriately. Questions about “Am I allowed to do this?” or “Should I do that?” are endless – as are the answers.

While it would be impossible to break down and answer all of the questions you may have regarding wedding etiquette, we’ve decided to take a brief glance at 9 very common questions and provide you with our expert advice. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration from this information and it will help you to handle the …

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Must-Have Essentials for a Picture Perfect Wedding

Are you amidst the excitement – and at times, chaos – of planning your wedding? Stress no more! Our wedding experts have some great advice on the top 6 must-have essentials you need for planning a picture perfect wedding. Best of all, they’re simple steps you can take right now to get you on the right track for creating the day of your dreams. Let’s take a look!

Have a vision

Before you plan almost any other element of your wedding, you should first decide upon your vision for your wedding day. Ultimately, this will determine the time of year, …

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