If the weather we experienced here in Central Pennsylvania a few weeks back didn’t put you in the mood for spring, nothing will! That’s why this week on the blog we wanted to focus on highlighting a few wedding trends we are seeing for spring 2017 and how you can incorporate these ideas into your own wedding, whether you’re getting married this spring or some spring in the future. Take a look!

Natural Greens

In spring we think about the fresh and bold colors of newly bloomed buds; however, this year there is a new trend and that’s sticking with natural greens. Rather than the bright and vibrant spring color palate we are used to seeing, experts predict brides will opt for something completely different. Sprigs of natural greens will adorn bouquets, ceremony floral arrangement and centerpieces. This is a welcome trend for brides who are looking to save some money. Natural greens are commonly less pricy than fresh blooms.

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Another unique trends is decorating with paper. Though this may seem like a simple and underwhelming idea, paper has come a long way! There are beautiful and intricate paper décor options available, or brides can get crafty and make their own. Wedding experts predict that paper will be used to decorate the ceremony, chairs, cake table, bars and more. Best of all paper can be reused in most cases, allowing brides to swap and pass on their décor to other future brides.

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Hanging Décor

If you want to see another up and coming wedding trend, you’ll need to look to the sky. Hanging décor is a popular way to spruce up a space and create a cozy and romantic setting. Etsy, as well as craft stores, have plenty of options from which you can choose. Placing a candle or flower bud inside your hanging décor will take things up another notch!

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Pale….but not boring!

This spring, we are also seeing a lot of pale and muted color tones. Although the colors may be pale, they still create a stunning overall effect that is anything but boring. The muted colors allow other details to take the spotlight, like the natural greens and hanging décor. Rather than guests being overwhelmed with bold and bright spring colors, they are warmly welcomed by a calm and classic backdrop that puts the bride and groom at the forefront of the day.

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What spring 2017 wedding trend is your favorite? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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