Ski Roundtop announced their closing date last night, and it is starting to sink nspin. . . . . I am going to have to go back to work soon.  It’s almost time to put away my Ski Patrol  Uniform, and resume my full time event management roll.

This was an exceptional year of weather for the PA Ski areas.  It is unusual to have such consistent cold temperatures, and ideal snow-making temperatures just when you need them.  I started skiing as a young child, but only got back to it 12 years ago, when Mike joined the Good Hope Middle School Ski Club.  Now he’s in Florida working with Clear Channel Radio and I’m still on the slopes.

Ski Roundtop is about to roll out a new summer program planned with the installation of 3 great outdoor activities, The Ogo Ball, Canopy Tour, and Summer Tubing.  It is exciting to be part of such a forward-thinking organization. They will also concentrate on marketing Corporate Picnics, and Outings for groups from 50 to 2000.  It will provide an outdoor alternative to Hershey Park,   one of the many large group entertainment facilities in the Harrisburg Area.



Ski Roundtop has been a customer of Event Central/Taylor Rental, going back to the early 90’s.   Roundtop’s customers can look to Event Central for additional picnic capabilities with the use of Tents, Tables and Chairs for the Large Corporate events.  Often such tenting is contracted by the end user directly as was the case with the Start/Finish Line (Green/White) Tent provided for the Ski4Life  fund raiser last month for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  To secure the tent from the harsh winds a special anchoring system was devised by  the Tent Lead – Jeremy, who has some 10 years of experience with these types of installations.  The anchors tied into the 50 Inch Snow base, and provided over 2000# of holding force in the snow pack.  The tent was then used as a timing tunnel where the skiers were scanned for credit for each run.  Ski4Life  raised $55,000 in 14 hours of running.  There were beginners and experts alike skiing this event.

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Scott Woodruff

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