Keeping your investment clean and maintained

Tent Washing Machine

125-Gallon Tent Washing Machine at Event Central

Is your tent dirty or in need of repair? Within Event Central’s state-of-the-art facility, you can have your tent  washed, dried, or repaired. Our tent washer [right] is capable of washing up to 1,800 square feet of vinyl at once,  which helps maintain the quality of each tent. After your tent is washed by experienced and trained personnel, it is suspended from the ceiling with fans directed on the vinyl to dry it and prevent mildew during storage.

Clean tents make customers happy,

and happy customers come back

As a rental company you know the importance of providing clean and well-maintained equipment to your customers. To assist you in preserving the quality and life of your tents – as well as your customer base – Event Central offers professional tent washing and repair. Event Central makes tent maintenance easy. Your tents and sidewall can be washed in a state of the art tent washing machine, air-dried in our warehouse and stored in a temperature controlled atmosphere.