Your wedding day should be your favorite fairy tale brought to life. It should be a beautiful fantasy combining all the details and colors you love the most. But in this fairy tale, there can be one wicked witch with the power to stop you from creating your perfect day—the wedding budget!

Here are seven tips for how brides can make their budget go further by saving and spending money in the areas that will help them create their fairy tale wedding.

Save on the cost of labor

Labor always plays into the overall cost of your rentals. Instead of opting to pay for the rental company to set-up the chairs and tables, you can choose to recruit a team of people to help construct the lay out. This will eliminate the cost of professional set-up, while giving your family and friends a way to actively help you with your big day.

Splurge on professionalism

When searching for your wedding vendors, the cheapest price might come at the cost of professionalism. Working with a company that is experienced and who places an emphasis on customer service will save you major headaches in the long run and is absolutely worth the few dollars more!

This image, from Google Maps, shows you the inside of Event Central and it's full stock of organized inventory.
This image, from Google Maps, shows you the inside of Event Central’s warehouse and its full stock of organized inventory.

Save by comparing prices

Make sure to shop around and see what other vendors charge for their services. You might be amazed at what you can find out after a 10 minute phone call. Ask about quality, inventory control, pick up times and delivery windows to get a feel for their professionalism and so that you feel comfortable with putting your special day in their hands. Many vendors will price-match or can work with you on price if it is an off peak date in which you are getting married.

Splurge on the items that your guests will notice the most

Think of the last wedding you attended. Do you remember the exact hue of the table linens or style of the napkins? Probably not. But you likely remember the quality of the DJ, tent and food. Splurge on the items that guests will remember and be flexible on the things that no one will really notice.

Splurge on the items that YOU will notice the most

Even the smallest budget should allow room for you to have at least one item that means a lot to you. You might not be able to afford chiavari chairs for all your guests, but rent them just for you and your spouse. This will create a special look for your sweetheart table and will give you the satisfaction of having even just a sampling of this more expensive item.

Chiavari chairs for all of your guests can really eat up a wedding budget. Instead choose to place two chairs at your sweetheart table for you to enjoy!
Chiavari chairs make quite a statement, but can also really add up! If this is something very important for you to have, cut back on other items that don’t mean as much to you – say, escort cards or centerpieces.

Save by taking advantage of specials or discounts 

Always ask your vendors if they are currently running any specials or discounts on their services. This has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars and not to mention, save your wedding budget! It never hurts to ask and the worst they could say is no.

Save by picking your wedding date wisely

Choose your date wisely. The trend has been to get engaged during the fall and winter months and to hold the wedding in the late spring or early summer months (June being the peak). If you are planning a wedding during July, early August or the end of fall/early winter, many vendors are winding down from their busy season and will be able to work with you on pricing.

At the end of the day, remember that it is your day. What’s important (or not important) to you is your personal decision and should influence where you spend and where you splurge in your wedding budget. Use these tips to maximize your savings and limit your splurging to only the items that will have the greatest impact.

For your wedding, where do you plan to save and where do you plan to splurge? Join in the discussion by sharing your ideas below!

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