The holidays have come to an end and for now it may feel like there are not many special occasions on your calendar worthy of a celebration for quite some time. The best way to combat these winter blues is to throw your own special occasion as a reason to celebrate even when there isn’t a holiday or a wedding in the near future.

Take a look at these 5 expert tips for creating a moment worth celebrating between now and Valentine’s Day (or whatever special occasion you have on your calendar next).

  1. Celebrate over brunch

It’s not often that people celebrate on a Sunday or before noon, so why not mix things up this winter and give your friends a reason to celebrate when usually they’re grocery shopping or planning for their work week. A Sunday brunch is a great way to host a special event that is still fun and casual. Plus, it doesn’t compete with Friday or Saturday night activities. Treat people to a hearty meal with brunch cocktails and end the weekend on a high note.

  1. Host a wine tasting party

The cold months of winter call for some food, beverages and friends to warm you up! What better way than to celebrate with a wine tasting party where you can try out numerous varieties and really get a feel for what you like. Have each guest bring a bottle of white or red wine, cover its label inside a paper bag and then have guests taste and rate each bottle. At the end of the night give an award to the couple who brought the highest rated white and red variety. Trust us, this will turn into an annual event your guests will mark on the calendars months in advance!

  1. Party for a good cause

Holiday parties are great for giving presents to one another, so use your “off season” party as a way to give to a charitable cause. Pick a charity that is near and dear to your hearts and ask guests to bring contributions (monetary or donated items) that will help further that charity’s mission.

In addition to serving a reason to get together and celebrate, this event will also serve the purpose of giving to an organization during a time of year that is commonly very slow for donations.

  1. Host a movie night

We all know how expensive two tickets to a movie at the theatre have become. Give your group of friends the chance to catch a good movie, spend time with one another and skip the expense of a traditional dinner and a movie by hosting an in-home movie night.

Arrange drinks and appetizers around the showing of a popular movie that just came out on DVD. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable seating (renting additional tables and chairs is a smart idea) and ask your friends to contribute by bringing their favorite beverage or side dish.

  1. Make it a family affair

After numerous holiday parties where your friends with children have likely had to call on the babysitter countless times, throw a party that is family friendly! Warmly invite children of all ages and have games and activities ready to occupy them. Get the adults involved in the games too and you might just be surprised by who the biggest kids at heart really are! Best of all, it’s a chance for families to still spend time together while spending time with other adult friends.

What other reasons do you have to keep celebrating after the holidays? Share your ideas by commenting below!

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