raj-logoEven an experienced tent guy like me stumbles into something that is just spectacular.  My imagination soars… wondering what it would be like to be in a larger market, able to provide the unique products that a larger, more global customer-base would support.   One such firm who serves this type of client from the entertainment industry is RAJ Tents.  Based in The Bay Area and Los Angeles , CA, they primarily serve members of the  film and corporate industry of the west coast.  But their capabilities extend their service around the world.

Raj Tents has become a primary resource for Moroccan themed party tents and Indian Wedding tents, to name just a few. Raj Tents also provides elegant, luxurious tenting solutions for their clients’ entertaining needs, utilizing the same stunning hand-crafted attention to detail they are so well known for.




Raj Tents has a diverse inventory of thematic tenting and décor to make your special events stand out from the crowd.


Raj Tents also provides themed furniture, lighting and accessories to complete your installation. Moroccan or Indian glazed lamps, crystal chandeliers and jewel perimeter lights set the mood for your glamorous tented event.

Event Central has strategic alliances with many specialty players in the event industry.  By establishing these types of relationships,  we can extend the unique styles and themes that would not otherwise be available to the Mid-Atlantic market.  

If you have a specialized requirement and the requisite budget to hold a themed event (indoors or outdoors), we can help you accomplish your goal.  There is no event too small or large for our experienced staff.

Raj Tents
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