Quirky Wedding Ideas

Every bride wants her special day to be unique and special.  The best way to accomplish this when planning your own wedding is to include ideas that fit your personal style and taste – not just what everyone else is doing!

But when stepping outside the box, it’s important to still keep the focus on the purpose of the big day – your wedding – and not let crazy or quirky decorations and décor steal the show. Take a look at these important dos and don’ts when it comes to planning a creative and customized wedding!

DO balance unique and creative ideas with timeless and classic ideas

Of course you want to personalize your special day with unique and creative elements, but balance is key when creating the perfect wedding day. It is important for your wedding to also feel classic and timeless as you will have pictures and lasting memories from this day for years and generations to come.

DON’T go overboard on your wedding theme or colors

One easy way to get carried away with the details of your wedding is to go overboard with your theme and colors. Less is definitely more! For example, a color-themed wedding is a great way to create a cohesive and attractive look, but don’t feel like everything from the flowers to the napkins must be this exact shade. Start by choosing one main color for inspiration and then incorporate different shades and tones into your décor.

DO ask for input from your family and friends before “going all in”

Your wedding is one of the rare moments in life when it truly is all about you. But keep in mind that sometimes having input from your family and friends can greatly help your planning process, alleviate stress and make your special day even more special. If you’re thinking about going a really creative route with an element of your wedding, run it by someone you know and trust and see what they think. Their gut reaction will help give you confidence with your decision and their input could make the idea even better!

DON’T incorporate something into your wedding just to be different – choose it because you love it!

When planning your wedding, it’s common for a bride and groom to want to pick elements that will make their day unlike anyone else’s. But don’t fall into the trap of choosing colors and décor you don’t truly love just because you think they will “wow” everyone else. This is your day and you want it to reflect what you love. Choose details that are unique, but still true to who you are as a couple.

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