Quality party rental by Event CentralWinter projects are one of the “behind the scenes” activities that are critical to delivering the highest quality rentals. Between December 1 and April 15, our operations department conducts a Preventative Maintenance Program which is a keystone to our service.

This annual winter maintenance is broken up into 13 separate projects. Each project has a written scope of work which includes a detailed step-by- step process to be followed so the quality control is identical from year to year. This blog post will give the reader a feel for the types of projects we undertake, their current progress, as well as some pictures of work underway.

We know winter projects are part of what differentiates us from our competitors when it comes to delivering a quality party rental product.

    Winter Project As-of  March 11   
Percent complete Project Description
100%  revitalize Dance Floor
 90%  stage Deck prep and paint
 100%  table inspection and tightening hardware
 10%  table refinishing
 90%  frame pole inspection and coloring
 75%  side pole painting
 100%  tent top cleaning, grading and repairs
 50%  chiavari inspection & touch-up
100%  folding chair inspection
 50%  propane grill dismantle, repair and paint
 100%  sidewall grading and cleaning
 75%  propane heater preventative maintenance
 90%  gas power equipment preventative maintenance
Tent inspection takes place on rack with back light to find pinholes
Inspection of tent prior to washing to grade for quality, locate pinholes, and replace straps as needed
Pete painting sidepoles with white paint
Tent poles being painted with white gloss by Pete
6 painted sidepoles for canopy
They look good before, and great when Pete is finished!
5 White wood side poles on cart ready to be painted
It looks like they are raring to get outside and see spring
a tractor trailer graduation chairs
Winter project include PM’s on the truck fleet
bb party rental conveyor for linens
We also installed our 3rd linen conveyor system this winter as a one time project
Steve Keystone Pump and Power
Steve from Keystone Pump & Power reviews the preventative maintenance needed for the new 25KW Genset

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