Pick Your Venue

The first thing you want to start with when planning your wedding is picking your venue. If you start with a firm date in mind, you may limit your venue options. It’s often better to stay flexible on your date until you know what your dream venue still has available. Once you lock in your venue, you will know the date options available to you!

Set a Date

When setting your date consider more than just whether you like the combination of numbers. Think about holidays and any other family events that may be taking place around that time. This could make traveling difficult or up the price of things like your venue, flowers and food. Most importantly, pick a date that gives you ample time to plan the type of wedding you have in mind. If you want a lot of details, give yourself an extra month or so. You won’t regret it!

Trim Down the Guest List

Now that you have your venue, you know the size of space you’re working with. Go ahead and throw every possible name on a draft guest list, but then get realistic about size. How many people can comfortably fit in your reception space? How many people can you reasonable cover with your wedding budget? It can be tempting to want to throw a big party for your special day, but it’s not worth the added cost – and added stress – if you can’t afford it. Trim down that guest list to the core people you really want to see there and use this as a starting point.

Send Save the Dates

Now that you have your “A” list of wedding guests narrowed down, use this early planning time to send out a save the date card to give people ample notice of the date and location you’ve selected. Keep in mind that whoever receives a save the date card should also receive a formal invite. People who didn’t make the cut on your “A” list don’t need to receive a save the date. This will save you on printing, postage and possible regrets in the future.

Go Dress Shopping

Especially if you’re considering something custom made, you want to begin your search for a wedding gown early! Many stores will tell you they need 9 months at least to make your gown. Start narrowing down the styles you like and set a realistic budget. Waiting until the last minute to pick your wedding gown could cost you quite a premium or force you to pick a backup option that you don’t like as much.

Pick Your Color Palette

Finally, the early stages of planning a wedding is the ideal time to think about the colors you want to incorporate into your wedding day. The color scheme you choose will help determine countless other details like your linens, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, centerpieces and more. They will also set the tone of the event. Do you want traditional and timeless or bold and modern? Your colors can help pull everything together!

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One thought on “Planning a Summer Wedding? Here’s What to Do Now!”

  1. Planning a wedding can be fun but also stressful at the same time. There is a lot to do and to organize to ensure that the wedding and reception go smoothly. I would recommend recruiting a friend to help or hiring an event planner. I think it is important to have some idea or vision in your head of how you would like your big day before getting started. Look at magazines, Pinterest, etc. for inspiration. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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