Measuring wheel used on site surveys for tented eventsYour tent rental company performs a very important step in the process of planning a large outdoor tented event – The Site Survey.  At Event Central the site survey is conducted by either the sales consultant, or one of our tent professionals.  The main purpose of a survey is to gather all the pertinent information about the event to be sure the type of tenting planned is well-suited to the location and function of the event.

If you have not yet engaged a tent rental company, you can perform a pre-survey which will help you to determine if a tent is suited to the space you have available.


What is included in a site survey conducted by tent rental personnel?

  • Using a measuring device, walk out or mark the footprint to be used for tenting
  • factor in an additional 6′ – 10′ perimeter for staking depending on style of tent
  • study the topography
  • study above-ground obstacles such as trees, fences, fountains, bushes, gardens or anything else in the path of the tent’s desired location
  • avoid all areas under overhead power, cable and telephone lines
  • determine the ability to drive the rental trucks close to the site, or alternatively, consider the labor costs required to carry tents from from a distance
    (a large wedding can involve thousands of pounds of product)
  • access to the site for both workers and guests
  • analyze vehicle access for caterer, porta-johns and other partner services once the tent has been erected
  • understand the surface type for safe anchoring: grass, dirt, concrete, or asphalt
  • consider and discuss factors like time of year, wind exposure, prevailing wind (direction), and whether there is natural protection for the tent from buildings and tree lines
  • educate the customer on how to develop an emergency plan to include monitoring for severe weather alerts
  • answer any questions or concerns that are raised by the customer
Planning luncheon tent on back lawn of Hotel Hershey
Site surveys at Hotel Hershey for luncheon
Site survey for tent under trees at private residence
Site survey at private residence
16' party delivery truck
Wedding delivery using small truck
CenturyMate tent along creek
40 x 80 pole tent installed across pedestrian bridge

Site surveys are only one of the many “best practices” we employ to run a professional and safe operation.  Many “best practices” are taken from the industry publications, and training provided by trade associations like The American Rental Association and IFAI.




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