Party Themes for Your Summer BBQ

As the weather is turning warmer and summer is approaching, you may be starting to think about outdoor gatherings. What better way to catch up with family and friends than by hosting a summer BBQ? You don’t have to be an experienced host or hostess to put together a fun party. Check out this list of five themed summer BBQ ideas that are guaranteed to be a great time! 

Hawaiian Luau

Who doesn’t want to visit beautiful Hawaii? Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the exotic islands this summer, you can throw a luau right in your own backyard. To really set the mood, set up some tiki torches and play island music. Another idea for your décor is flower orchids, as they are the staple flower of Hawaii! For your BBQ, incorporate some grilled pineapple into your main food dish (chicken and or burgers go great with this tropical fruit). And while it may not be technically “Hawaiian,” a renting Sno-Kone maker will surely keep your guests cool and entertained. One final element to make the ideal Hawaiian luau BBQ a success is to provide your guests with grass skirts to wear and welcome them to your party with a flower lei.

Mexican Fiesta
Fiesta Fiesta! This summer BBQ theme is all about celebration. When it comes to your décor, think vibrant colors for tablecloths accented with a string of lanterns to add ambience to your seating area. Themed menu items are obvious: tacos, fajitas, chips, salsa, guacamole, you get the idea. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add in your own flare to these traditional items. Want to create your own Mexican style burger? Maybe you create a cocktail in Mexico’s colors? While not traditionally Mexican, your guests will appreciate that your themed BBQ also has elements of your personality built into it. When it comes to entertainment, encourage guests to let loose and dance by playing some salsa music. Having a piñata as either a decoration or as fun game for your guests really puts the exclamation point on this summer BBQ theme!

Movie Under the Stars

When planning this unique BBQ theme, you want to think comfy and cozy. For seating, lay soft blankets in a grassy area and set up bean bags and oversized throw pillows for your guests to lounge on while enjoying their BBQ in front of the big screen. Speaking of which, you’ll want to arrange for a projector and screen or use a large white sheet, if you’re feeling both creative and daring (make sure to test out your setup in advance to troubleshoot any tech problems before your big event). As for food, go old school move concession stand! Rent a popcorn machine for an endless supply of fresh, buttery goodness. Grill up some burgers and hot dogs and of course you’ll need french fries. You can even encourage guests to bring their own candy, so they can enjoy the nostalgia of their favorite movie theatre snack…and share the fun with other guests, too!

All white party

For a more upscale BBQ, throw an all-white party that will make guests feel like they are on vacation in the Hamptons. Since this theme is a bit more formal, consider sending out mailed invitations, making sure to inform your guests to all wear white clothing. For your décor and set up, you can really stick to this theme by renting a large, white tent, white chairs, tables and linens. White lanterns and white string lights will set the mood while adding even more brightness to your all white party!

Beach Party

A beach party is a classic, but oh so fun theme for your summer BBQ! Nearly every party store has an aisle dedicated to beach party staples like seashells, beach balls and even decorative sand. You won’t run out of options for ways you can decorate your space with a splash of the ocean. For your menu, incorporate plenty of seafood options with a few alternatives for guests who might not have a taste for it. For dessert, sand dollar cookies and a beach ball cake are creative crowd pleasers. If you’re looking to have special cocktail to serve at this themed party, a Malibu Bay breeze is the quintessential choice! Finally, set up a space in your yard for guests to play beach volleyball. While you may not have the view of the ocean per se, you will have many of the elements that make a day at the beach so much fun!

Are you planning a summer BBQ? What theme is your favorite or do you have another to share? Leave a comment!

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