Happy Fourth of July and Independence Day.Happy Fourth of July! You’ve likely been celebrating all weekend, but today is the actual holiday which means we need to make sure the day ends with a “bang!” If you’re planning on hosting a festive Fourth of July party, then we’ve got you covered with some great party planning tips to help you throw the best celebration of the summer!

Create a Comfortable Space

Foremost, you want to be sure that you have a comfortable and convenient entertaining space to host all your guests. Often, Fourth of July parties are right in your backyard or at a local park. In either scenario, you want to check early and often to see if Mother Nature will be on your side. This means more than just rain! A hot and sunny day is just as much reason to plan ahead by renting a small tent for added shade or incorporating fans, sprinklers and cool treats to keep everyone comfortable.

Dress the Part

You have the power to set the tone of your party! Let loose and have some fun with your wardrobe. Pull out your craziest red, white and blue attire and let guests know, from the moment they see you, that they’re going to have a great time at your party. Don’t forget about those fun accessories that can easily be purchased at your local Dollar Store, like patriotic hats, sunglasses, necklaces and more!

Theme the Menu

Make your Fourth of July party stand out from any ordinary BBQ or backyard picnic your guests will attend this summer. A great way to do that is through your menu choices. In addition to the delectable Fourth of July staples like BBQ ribs, hot dogs and hamburgers, be sure and add in some food options that are red, white and blue in theme. Pinterest offers endless recipes and one of our favorites is a skewer of blueberries, strawberries and marshmallows. It’s simple, fresh and so good on a hot summer day!

Decorate with Red, White and Blue

We can’t highlight enough the many opportunities to incorporate the Fourth of July theme into your party – and decorations are yet one more great way to do this. Your local stores should have all the red, white and blue plates, napkins and utensils you could need. Also, decorate your event space with American flags, streamers and balloons. Make this day feel so much more special than any other summer party by fully committing to the Fourth of July theme with everything you do.

Make it Sparkle!

No matter the ages of your guests, everyone loves sparklers on the Fourth of July. As the sun sets, be sure you are prepared with some fireworks of your own. While some people love to go overboard and spend a lot of money on a huge firework display, we don’t think this is necessary to have a great time! Keep it simple (and safe) with sparklers for everyone to enjoy in the backyard. You’ll be surprised how it brings out the little kid in us all. Bonus tip: you might even be able to score some of these fireworks cheap if you purchase them on the actual Fourth of July (but be sure to check in advance to see if the store is open on the holiday!).

Are you hosting a Fourth of July party today or simply planning ahead for next share? Share your favorite party planning advice by commenting below.

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