The word 2016 spelled out on clothespin clipped cards in front of glowing lights.

The New Year is quickly approaching and now is the time when everyone seems to shift their focus toward new beginnings and goal setting. 2015 was a great year for the Event Central team, but there is always room for improvement and the opportunity to do more and do it better with the coming year!

For 2016, we have set some ambitious goals that have us excited for great things to come over the next 12 months. Let’s take a look at what has us most excited to ring in the New Year!

New trends and styles

The New Year will bring with it a completely new set of trends and styles that will define our weddings and special events this year. We can’t wait to pull from this inspiration and create our own signature event creations based off of new trends and blended with traditional favorites. Expect to see more blog posts highlighting our favorite ideas for weddings, graduations and other special occasions. And in case you missed it, also be sure to catch up on the 2015 trends (for spring, summer and fall) that will still play a prominent role throughout 2016.

Advancing technologies

At Event Central, we are always keeping a keen eye toward new technologies and advancements that can help us do our job better and faster. Not too long ago we introduced a signature technology called TentOX™ that is revolutionizing the tent rental industry. We expect this technology to continue to build momentum and also for other advancements to be introduced in the New Year. By staying on top of these trends, we help to keep our quality high and our costs low while offering a safe and enjoyable work environment for our staff!

Growing friendships

Our team of professionals is really like one big family. With the New Year, we look forward to spending more time together (yes, even if it’s through work) and growing our relationships with one another further. A team that knows each other and enjoys spending time together is a team that does a job well…and our customers notice, too!

Continuing living up to our reputation as “Couples’ Choice” and “Simply the Best”

In 2015, we were honored with multiple awards in our industry including WeddingWire’s Couples’ Choice and Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply the Best. In 2016,  we look forward to working hard to earn these titles again and to do that we must foremost serve our customers with top-quality service!

A challenging, but rewarding line-up of projects

Yes, the New Year means a whole new crazy calendar of events, but we love it! Even during our most busy and challenging seasons, we learn, grow and become better. In 2016, we look forward to serving more clients than ever before. When we are busy and productive is when our talents truly shine!

What are YOUR goals for 2016 and beyond? Share your New Year resolutions by commenting below!

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