If there’s one thing we really get excited about here at Event Central, it’s new trends and technologies for our tents. We love bringing new looks and features to our clients to help them make their special occasion even more memorable.

Just like every other business and industry strives to improve its products and deliver an even more impressive end result, our team at Event Central also aims to stay ahead of the curve on new tent features and enhancements.

In case you missed it, it’s important to know how we are leading the market in groundbreaking tent technologies (literally and figuratively) which demonstrate our commitment to exceptional service. Now let’s take a fresh look at the latest tent trends that are also making their way into our warehouse!


Sailcloth is one of the hottest trends we are seeing in tents right now. We have been supplying these style of tents for a while, but have really seen this style grow in popularity lately. The crisp, clean lines of a sailcloth combined with its light-weight, bright white fabric gives guests the feeling that they are floating under a parachute

Overall, a sailcloth tent gives any occasion a “New England” rustic feel. Whether you are dancing away to the music under this tent, or viewing it from afar, the experience it creates it quite breathtaking! Want to know if a sailcloth tent is right for your occasion? Take a look at our helpful guide here.


Clear Tops
Clear top tents have been around for a long time, but you would think they just broke into the market with how their demand is through the roof right now! We are frequently getting calls about these tents – and if we had to guess, it’s because people just love how they bring the outside in. Like their name implies, this style of tent’s clear top keeps guests dry and comfortable without limiting the view. Imagine with the right uplighting and a sky full of stars, how magical this look would be at your next event!


Café Lights

Café lights, also known as string lighting, are a fun and popular accessory many people are choosing to add to their tent décor. These lights add a rustic, intimate feeling to any event. The large bulbs give a nod to a style from centuries passed and create bursts of light throughout the venue that aren’t too overwhelming or distracting. We suggest hanging this style of lighting from the ceiling of your tent of choice over the area where guests will eat or dance. You will create a charming, café-life environment that will keep guests talking and telling stories all night.

cafe lights under a clear top tent

Special Ceilings

The tall peaks of a pole tent look flawless from afar, but once you’re inside the tent looking up at them, they can feel bare or unfinished. That’s why another hot trend in tents is to use fabric, liners and chandeliers to finish off the look of the tent’s ceiling from inside. We have custom-created a variety of different solutions to help clients achieve the end result they want. Fabric and liners help to make the tent feel softer and more romantic. Chandeliers add the “wow” factor and draw guests’ eyes toward the sky. You can even combine a fabric ceiling with a few hanging chandeliers for a completely over-the-top look.

fabric ceiling under a tent

LED Lighting – inside and beyond!

We are seeing LED lighting used nearly everywhere nowadays and tents are no exception! This convenient lighting style can be used not only inside the tent, but surrounding the tent too! Use LED lights in trees, bushes, wrapped around poles or along a walkway leading guests toward your tent. Once inside the tent, use LED lights to add a soft glow around the borders in any color you desire. White lights are classic and clean, but colored neon LED lights will bring a whole new personality to your outdoor venue!

Which one of these trends is your favorite idea? Share your opinion by commenting below!

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