New Color Combinations for Spring and Summer 2017

Spring and summer events are all we have on the brain right now. The fresh color combinations of these new seasons offer a ton of inspiration for our events over the coming months. Take a look at five of our favorite combos and hopefully they will give you some ideas for how you can use color to make your next event really stand out!

Lime – paired with navy and neutrals

This color combination is a fresh take on a Nantucket nautical. The youthful lime is paired with a timeless navy blue and the neutrals help pull everything together. This color combo would work great for a late spring or early summer wedding, graduation party or family reunion.

Sage – paired with light pink

Natural and romantic are the words that come to mind with this color combo. Sage is a beautiful color that carries over from season to season. By pairing it with light and muted pink tones, this makes the perfect color palette for an outdoor spring or summer wedding as well as a bridal and baby shower.

Coral – paired with teal

Coral has been at the top of the color list for a few years now, but this new color combo gives it a completely fresh look. Coral paired with teal is a match made in color heaven. The two complement one another, offering both warm and cool tones. Together, they create a vibrant, but not too overwhelming, color scheme that can be applied to almost any type of event!

Gold – paired with muted blue

If you’re looking for a color combination that feels elegant and sophisticated, then here is one to consider. Gold gives the rich, warm feel while adding in the ever-popular metallic tone. But rather than pairing it with the expected purple or silver, this combination calls for a muted, almost dusty blue tone. It stands in stark contrast to the shiny gold, which is the point! Your event will look effortlessly elegant with this color palette.

Aqua – paired with white and cream

This aqua color palette is not reserved just for beach themed events! This stunning color, combined with white and cream neutrals, is fresh and fun for weddings, bridal and baby showers, backyard BBQ’s, anniversaries and more.

What color combination has you most inspired? Share your opinion by leaving a comment!


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