National Park Service Shield150 years ago this summer, Gettysburg witnessed the fight between the Union and Confederate troops in the most historic battle of the Civil War. To commemorate this event, the Gettysburg Foundation partnered with the National Park Service on the grounds now referred to as the Gettysburg National Military Park. A portion of the event was held on an outdoor stage near the famous Meade’s Headquarters on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

History would be broken again by the thousands of people who visited the Gettysburg National Military Park during this anniversary week. The National Park Service (NPS) carefully planned the actual event setup in order to have zero impact on the hundreds of thousands of visitors in the park each day, as well as to not disturb the historic grounds. NPS produced a site plan which included space for all the major media networks, production companies, rental companies and much, much more. Each participant in the event setup had a well-defined role which would insure they produced a flawless event. The NPS did a fantastic job in site design to insure good sight and sound lines from multiple battle fields, thereby allowing unlimited numbers of guests to attend.

Site Map for Event Layout
150th Event Site Plan by NPS

The services provided by Event Central included:



We were all given a precise schedule for setup and take down.

Stage and production platform setup was planned for Friday and Saturday. The 4000 palletized chairs arrived at 6:00 AM Sunday, with setup completed by 11:30 AM.

Take down started at 11PM Sunday, and was completed by all vendors by Noon the following day.


Video of Chair Setup
Gettysburg National Military Park


National Park Service Chair Rental
Rows of white chairs next to Meade’s Headquarters


three stages and chairs complete
Event Setup Complete – turned over to the Production Company

Empire Entertainment, a New York based production company was selected to produce the live event which was carried on networks all over the world. The venue was made up of a center main stage and 2 wing stages, each with full-size video screens large enough for all in attendance to view.

The event featured remarks by Pulitzer Prize winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin, a performance by Trace Adkins and a live broadcast ‘Voices’ program with original score by the West Point Band. There was the march of The Old Guard as well as remarks by National Parks Director, Jonathan B. Jarvis who spoke on the historical significance of the battle.

All the guests have arrived and the event gets underway 7PM to 10PM
All the guests have arrived and the event gets underway 7PM to 10PM
United States Military Academy Orchestra
United States Military Academy Orchestra

The Old Guard Processional



Trace Atkins National Anthem
Trace Adkins sings the National Anthem
Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin
Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin









Some similar events produced by Event Central in the military sector include Change of Command for the Departments of Navy and Army; commencement seating for the U.S.Army War College; and Presidential security staging and tenting for the Secret Service.

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